Intel Vs. AMD

Hello logan, I am trying to decide if I want to go AMD or Intel. I watched your videos on the FX 8350 and 3570k and it was helpfull but if i go intel it would be haswell. I will be playing crysis and BF3 along with minecraft and more than likely be overclocking. Right now I am thinking about going with the 8350, but I am still going back and forth. An opinion will be greatly appreciated.


8350 is much more versatile than the i5 (good for editing and streaming), and it is equal in gaming, more or less. Seems a bit of a no brainer. Unless you value the up-to-date technology on the Intel sockets.

Well specificly I was looking at the 4670k and seeing if it was worth the extra $$$ to go Intel.


If you have the money for it, then sure. But if that money could be spent on the gpu, then that is what you should do. The gpu is much more important than the cpu for gaming.

There is little difference between the i5s. There is a 10% increase in performance, clock for clock, with the new 4th gen 4670K. However, it doesn't overclock particularly well, negating much of the performance increase.

In short, the 8350 is a well-rounded chip, and I recommend that.

As I said before, in most games, the 8350 is equal in performance to the i5. Don't forget, games only utilise a small percentage of the CPUs performance. Much of your gaming experience depends on your choice of GPU.

If you want to go Intel, you should go with the latest generation. It does have its advantages. The motheboards have much better utilities and software, in comparison to the 3rd gen.

If you are in a low budget, and you can buy a nice cooler and PSU (depending to the rest of the pc) I would go with AMD instead of the i5 if you are going to stream, multitask and etc!
I have an i7 build that I use now and i gave my 8350+7990 to my girlfriend, I am going to be sincere with you.
i7 Stock >> OCed 8350, 8350 runs hotter, use more power and etc.
The money that you will not spend with intel, you will end up spending with a good psu and cooler, in the end of the day the price is the same, If you are going full AMD prepare yourself to get a powerfull PSU and a good cooling solution.
If you post your budget and what graphic card you want to use I can give a better opinion.