Intel vs AMD budget build (canada)

Hi guys

i have these 2 options



both of these include a wifi adapter and keyboard.

I have a really tight budget of 450$

Which option is better?

do you guys have any suggestions?

I would go with the AMD. also, buy a two stick ram kit if that mobo supports dual channel.

depends on what you do. With more modern games willing to take advantage of 4+ cores, the Athlon build would be a better gaming choice, but the Intel has noticabley better single threaded performance, and has the advantage of lower power consumption. Personally, I'm partial to AMD, but my first build was with the Athlon II x4 630, which I really liked.

Go with the amd

amd ftw

Go with the and for bf3, crysis, and some other fps.  But if u want to play more open world games like skyrim go with intel.  But I would personally go with AMD

I suggest you get something more powerful than an athlon/pentium. They will do the job, but that's just it.