Intel throwing people under the bus because of Ryzen?

Intel just recently released z370 and their 6 core mainstream part? Less than a year from their launch of Kaby Lake. Now with the supposed upcoming launch of z390 which may support up to 8 core 16 threads for the mainstream. So my question is intel seems to be trying to keep people with them by offering better cpus than Ryzen, but only by rushing out things to stay competitive.

My point is people were saying that z370 would last a few generation in upgrade compatibility. Saying the next gen (9th) of i cores will require new motherboards. I know a number of people here told me that you wouldn’t need to upgrade. The problem is everything is pointing to intel launching a new platform with for their mainstream 8core part. If this is the case, you can say goodbye to future compatibility for z370. I am holding out for their 8core part, because I don’t trust z370 to support future iterations of cpus.

For that matter, if you buy an i5 now you don’t get hyperthreading. If you wait a year or less, you will apparently get an i5 with hyperthreading. So their 9600k will basically be a 8700k.

These are rumors for the i5 being 6 core 12 threads and the i7 being 8 core 16 threads. So take this with grain of salt. If it is true, I will buy a i7 8core part and use it as my main system.

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Yes, Intel seem to be doing their damnedest to stay relevant at the tippy-top, releasing products before they even had enough capacity to produce them, and risking cannibalizing their own userbase. Lots of rumors currently surrounding Z370 being a dead end, single-gen chipset, and I would say they are leaking information that will only hinder their own sales by people who will only buy Intel.

I think they may be losing any goodwill they had though, I see a lot of comments (granted, this is the internet so it’s nearly meaningless) regarding peoples’ frustration with constant upgrade requirements that only really make Intel money, coupled with lots of “I’m still on my 3770k” comments to boot.

All that said, I am wary of the running topic of AMD X370/B350 boards supporting Zen2, as AMD has said they will support the socket to/through 2020, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a new chipset if there are larger uarch changes. I do think they’ll support the Zen+ 12nm refresh though.


End of story. They don’t care as you are waiting for the next release to throw money at them.
Basically this thread sais “Intel is having some iffy anticonaumer practices, so I will buy their next anticonaumer product”…
Vote with your wallet, dude… Get Ryzen 1700 and be done with it. Or get threadripper and have all the features Intel don’t want to give you…



Especially now that AMD has Ryzen that Intel CPUs being mildly better at far higher costs makes Ryzen the relevant choice for me.

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All intel has to do is stay calm & rational.

Something that Intel was never good at.

Remember the old intel, the one that uses dirty tricks.


I don’t see much of a problem with this except for the part where the motherboard isn’t going to last 4 years.

Intel actually making better CPUs something they sucked at from Sandy Bridge to Kaby Lake, problem being they are scrambling badly and rushing out products which could lead to sorts of problems. Can you even get a Coffee Lake CPU now? While AMD is refining Ryzen, Intel is just scrambling and dumping and creating CPU designs left and right, that’s going to hurt if they don’t stop.

Which means if you got Coffee Lake your better off sticking with it, same is true with Ryzen. If I were still on Sandy Bridge though I would upgrade soon, I definitely would if I had Bulldozer/Excavator.

Intel’s is in panic mode. This is the first time they have had real competition since the Athlon days.

In the end, this is good for the consumer. Should result in lower prices, and better products.

However, both Intel and AMD need to be careful and not put product to market before it is ready. Intel is flirting with disaster here already.


I have my 1700 and I will be sticking for the foreseeable future.

People may mock bulldozer / hot and loud / amd hurr hurr hurr but the problem was almost entirely api / software. and that is finally getting to a point where things they are a (finally!) changin’.

Stick doom 2016 on an 8350, crank it to 4.6 / 4.7 and you would wonder what the problem was, just a shade shy of a 4770k (fair enough at stock… but still… that should make anyone stand up and take notice on how f*cked up things were.

well, what do you know… cores / threads now mean something for gaming…

only thing pooping on the party is older api’s (which is less of an issue as time goes on) or how disappointing dx12 has been so far.

that is why intel is mainly the pcmr choice now…

“for 200hz gaming @ 1080p you NEED oc’d intel to get the most out of your oc’d 1080 ti!”

ryzen is close enough that the ipc / clock difference wont really matter as much as it used to in newer api titles.

at least that is what I think.


This is especially good advice considering the value proposition of a 1700. You can literally build a core upgrade with 16GB of 3200 for $550. (RIP ram prices) EDIT: $550, “wanna cyber?” monday sales are over now. :frowning:

I got out the door at about 600, with a very nice motherboard with all the sales.


The behavior that we’re seeing now isn’t all that different to behaviour in previous times. AMD had the K5, intel put out higher speed pentiums as fast as possible. K7? Pentium 4 and hyperthreaded Pentium 4. And when that failed they just shrunk the pentium 3 down and made it faster and sold that instead till core 2 came out (core solo’s and duo’s were literally pentium 3’s). And when they started to come back then they sued AMD into the ground, or tried to at least since they couldn’t buy them.

Now? Now what are the actual quality parts, xeons and such, that have kept up with modern spec Intel is freaking out and trying their best to backport them from what I have seen. Its not a matter of them rushing out shitty parts, its that they don’t have plans for a new set of die’s so they get the xeons relabeled and throw them out as fast as possible. They really didn’t expect AMD to pull through with good processors and thought they could sit on top for forever with desktop parts. Now even ARM is threatening them with all this shit and they have no clue what to do about it, at least in the high performance market. They will still be pumping out chips for the netbooks everyone buys though, they have that shit nailed down to almost monopolistic standards.

This happens. We’ll see them fall back to 50/50 for a while in a few years when you can get a desktop ryzen processor in a 600 dollar lap top a la intel 8080 80’s laptop style. Just a matter of time.

AMD played the good long game though. Build money off of consoles to slam into CPU’s to rip the market out of Intel’s hands. Gotta give them credit. The british would call that clever, I call it good business.


This, this, so much this.

This thread is amazing to me. I mean, for years now people have been theorizing that Intel has been holding back on performance gains because they don’t have competition. Now they have competition, performance gains are up beyond the luke-warm ~5% that they have been, new CPU layouts are on the horizon, and people are basically like, “Well, this confirms it! I’ve been had by Intel all these years! I better buy their latest lineup, now that they’ve decided to start actually putting effort into their products!”

AMD won the gigahertz race.
AMD brought you 64bit x86 extensions.
AMD brought you multi-core CPUs.
AMD brought you stupid-fast, direct CPU/memory interfaces.
AMD brought you sane CPU lineups with Ryzen.
And now the performance gap between AMD and Intel is thinner than it has been since the Core 2 was a thing.

What exactly does AMD need to do to earn your business?


Been earning mine for years…

In general to others?

…Appeal to insane gamers that fear bottlenecking their gpus and getting less fps

these people shout the loudest :smiley: (usually on youtube and are key influencers of other people’s purchasing decisions…)


Literally have performance within 30% of that of similarly priced Intel products. I’m never buying Intel again if I can help it. That said, my budget is relatively small, so I do hope others follow suit.

If they can fix their IOMMU group, bus reset and other passthrough issues, that will make me extremely happy.

On a related note, I’m very excited for the AMD mobile processors and want to get my hands on one of those laptops.

In the core2 days, I fell for the intel meme. Really sad that I did, but the awareness and communication isn’t what it is now.

That never made sense to me. Server side IBM has been scaring the shit out of them since POWER7, low end and server market ARM chips have been shredding everything left and right, they basically got kicked out of the phone market… The only market they really have is general servers and desktop computers anymore. Is that the only market people want to pay attention to so they can say the intel chips are better? Because they aren’t, not by a long shot. They are good at consumer stuff, some science, and hosting but… Thats like 8% of worldwide use cases.


two whole road maps wiped out (mobile and iot).

It’s just bizarre to me that their share price isnt tumbling.

I mean the edison chips are doing SOME IOT but… I wouldn’t call that a hold in the market. RISC chips and ARM chips have a better hold there. IDK if they ever had good phone chips… Though the fact that the HTC HD2 with an atom can run desktop windows 10 makes me kek so hard I bleed.

Laptops. Thats what I think has them nailed down. Go to a walmart and look at all the 200-800 dollar netbooks on sale. No real GPU’s in them, just intel APU’s.

And again, to the raging boner fanboys that I know are on here, I’m not saying its a fluke that intel found a spot to sit in, but it would be a lot different if X86 wasn’t as common a choice in the 80’s. Just ended up here lol.


I honestly think that their contra revenue scheme for mobile would have eventually payed off to decent market share.

I mean, it’s good that they stopped doing that crap (amd’s mullins was a casualty of that… it SHOULD have done well) but I do think that was probably their best bet to segwaying into new business

Usually, if you want to expand to a new market, you’re going to take some losses in the beginning. I agree.

I don’t know how concerned you should be about motherboard compatibility. Nowadays it seems like motherboards become dated before CPUs.


I have a Ryzen 1700 already, but I am just saying a 8core 1700 @ 3.8ghz gets me between 20 and 24fps. I have looked into the 8700k just for giggles and found people are getting upwards of 30 to 34 fps for HEVC encoding. I didn’t want to make this a Ryzen thread. But I am planning on upgrading to pinnacle ridge come February, however I am a person that likes to have two systems to use. One AMD and one intel.

Up until purchasing Ryzen I used my 8320 for gaming and my i7 5820k for encoding. My 5820k would get about 16fps. Which Ryzen is a fairly good size jump going from 16 to 24fps. But at this point I sold my 5820k to buy my Ryzen and gave my dad my 8320 build. So I have one computer at the moment. What I would like out of getting the 9th gen is to get 30+ fps in HEVC encoding in handbrake. Then I would use my Ryzen for gaming and only gaming.

I have advised many people to get Ryzen and skip intel. For one I told my brother to buy the HP Envy x360 2500u 2 in one. I got my sister and her boyfriend to invest both in a ryzen 1700 system months ago. It isn’t that I don’t see intels anti competitive practices for what they are. They are shameful, but when a 6 core intel cpu is beating a amd 8 core for what I use computers for anyways. I might as well go back to having two computers. One for encoding and one for gaming.