Intel Server RAM Question

I just bought an Intel S5520UR on ebay for relatively cheaply. It's a dual socket mobo with 6 ram slots and 96GBs of RAM per CPU. Also was able to grab a couple of Intel X5560 processors. Obviously as the motherboard manual states ( Page 33) it supports 16GB sticks.
Now my question is, do I have to use ECC memory in this? Can I populate 3 RAM slots per CPU with unbuffered 8GB dimms of non-ECC RAM. (I'm aware that todays memory will run at lower speeds).
Non of the data is critical, the system will eventually be used for various game servers.
BTW I'm a n00b when it comes to professional grade HW.
Thanks for the responces in advance.

It would work with non-ecc fine but since non-ecc memory isn't registered it should be limited to 4gb per dimm if memory serves ocrrect. Could be 8 though. LGA1366 was a long time ago :)

Make sure it is unbuffrered and use single row dimms if you plan on populating all the slots. Make sure it can run @ 1333mhz cl11.

It is unbuffered, its a bog standard Kingston ValueRAM 8GB dimm that runs at 1333MHz.