Intel replacement for phenom ii x4 965

I need a intel replacement for the x4 965 which performs just equally.

The rig will be used for gaming and rendering

Phenom II X4 965 with mild overclock is about the same as an Intel i5-2500 at stock speed, and a bit faster than a first gen Intel i5-750 overclocked. So an i5-3470 or 3570 should be about a match in the Ivy Bridge range. An i3 might benchmark better, but is a dual core, not a quad core, and that just isn't the same level of performance in real life. For rendering, a quad/hex core i7 would be a better choice, because you need every bit of performance you can get for rendering, and the quad/hex core i7 CPU's have hyperthreading, which makes them more efficient for rendering.

Thanks :)

Zoltan's answer = on the money.

3970X, of course.