Intel Pentium(R) 4 for Gaming

Hello Everyone

I am going to build a gaming PC out of old parts that I have or I can buy second hand from the web.

The PC is for my friend, who has just started work and had to get a laptop for school. Laptops are not great for gaming, as they are not High-end and the heat can damage it. He has only about 100$  and I have a lot of old stuff laying around.

I already got:

GPU: 560 ti for 43$

HDD: 500GB 20$

RAM: 4GB DDR3 20$

Now my question: I can get free old desktop PC from work, as they are upgrading. They come with a Intel Pentium 4 or a Core Duo and a fitting motherboard. Is that ok for gaming, could I even play games like BF3 on it? The GTX will be more then ok for BF3 and 4 GB is just right.

The next step is the PSU.

I have a good one on ebay that is 530W and 80+ for only 30$

and the OS is free.

so only the case that is hopefully only 1 $



I got it from a online auction. the auction was in the middle of the night so i was lucky. I don't know, if it's DDR3, Maybe it's DDR 2 but I don't care at that Price point. I'm anyway building a dead-end system, only the GTX is "high-end" the rest is waste, but with the GTX it will be better than his Laptop.

A P4 might not really cut it in modern games, especially since its most likely a 32-bit P4. I can however confirm that a 64-bit Core 2 can still hold up OK in modern games (if the games are not super CPU dependent of course), I was gaming on one early last year. So a Core 2 will work, not amazingly mind you, but it should do what you need it to do

I completely agree with all of their statements. If it is a p4, its not going to cut it. If its a core2duo then it should be ok. hopefully its atleast 2.4ghz or better. if so than it is plenty capable of p[laying even some recent stuff. it wont be on the higest settigns due to the cpu not being able to handle it. it may not be a bad ide to check out your local good will and see if they have an electronics specialized store. in omaha, NE they have one called goodbytes, and a core2quad will run about 220 with tax roughly at 7%. thats what i have and i still have not maxed it out on games like tombraider,or bioshock infinite. also mine came with 6gb of ddr2 ram 640gb hdd an old nvidia gpu( switchyed to the one i have which is still out of date but capable of 720p gaming, and 1080 on some with medium to high settings). any questions just ask me