Intel Pentium G3258 vs. AMD Fx 6300

Saw the new intel cpu and it looks good so far and its only $70.
So I was planing on buying fx 6300 but now i don't know.
Witch one would go better with r9 270 OC.
And in the future when i get a better graphics card i kind off don't want to upgrade cpu so keep that in mind     

FX-6300! It has triple the amount of cores and threads, is a good overclocker, dual cores struggle in modern games such as crysis 3, 6 cores in modern titles are more commonly being used.

Ignore the super pi because that uses x87 instructions the are disabled (for amd) in bios which you can't edit.

The memory benchmarks aren't important for games. Check this out too, please note the i3 has 2 core/4 threads while the cpu you put up has 2 core/2 threads, this cpu you're thinking of would do even worse, watch!

This may be just a Crysis thing for right now. I would say if you don't have all the money to get an i5 or i7 the Pentium seems to be a good choice why you save your pennies. You will have to overclock the Pentium to get the performance but I have seen it run battlefield 4 just fine. And that game likes to use as all the theads and cores it can. And when I say funs fine. I'm a 60FPS snob.

Yes there are some games that are using more threads than before. But with a good overclock the cycles you add beat out the threads or cores you would use. Also games are still loaded mostly on two cores and the other really don't get used very heavenly. Linus was able to get his Pentium up to 4.7Ghz and

There's quite a few games, now the fx-6300 is more powerful and more expensive, so I recommend it because it's not like he is going to upgrade in the near future, so it's more future proof as mantle and dx12 will use more cores and will have less cpu overhead, the extra performance will allow you to do some more demanding tasks, recording software, rendering, streaming, While you play games, the pentium will struggle to keep up due to the raw performance advantage of the fx-6300!

The fx-6300 and 7870/r9 270 is a popular combo due to this reasons!

2 threads just does not cut it in 99% of games. Some games even cut features when it detects a dual core processor. The frostbite engine cuts graphics back when it senses an I3, so it would do the same for a pentium. It cuts visuals that you cannot turn back on in settings because it feels you need more cores in games like battlefield. I know of this happening in the Frostbite engine since the Bf3 days. With a 6300 you get 6 cores/6 threads so it doesn't do any graphics disabling. 

i was looking at a few benchmarks, synthetic mind you, and the 760k which is a little bit more money performs a tiny bit better than the Pentium and can be OC as well. 

TBH I really don't see the point of this chip. Yeah it is cheap and yeah it can be OCed but still. Two cores, Two threads, tiny amount of cache and at stock speeds not that fast. You'd really need to OCit and OC fairly high to get some meaningful performance out of it and for that you're gonna need a decent Z87/97 board  and good cooling which is gonna be quite pricey. 

I'd go with the 760k personally and if I was going to spend more the FX-6300. 

I'm a bit dubious about the whole "Devil's Canyon" thing. Someone from Intel claimed they got 4.6 with passive cooling and over 5Ghz with an air cooler. I'm calling shenanigans. What did Linus get his to? 4.8 I believe? That was possible with the 4770. While it was rare on that chip it may be just as rare on the new ones. I read the Hardware Canucks review and they said their 4790 couldn't go over 4.6 on all cores and that it didn't OC significantly better than their 4770. It may run a little cooler but higher OCs seems to still be really hit and miss.  

Please post benchmarks I want to see them. Also I'm sure you have heard of the silicone lottery. Not all chips oc the same. I think Linus just might of had a good chip. Also most i have seen for the 4790k was around the 4.7 GHz range.

Also you get an FX chip now. Your getting something that is 2 years old. And there is no upgrade path socket AM3+ is dead. Where with this you can upgrade to a Haswell, Devils canyon, or Broadwell next year.

I hate to go buy synthetic benchmarks. They don't mean anything to real world conditions. I will give you that the 760K is better at higher threaded tasks. But in gaming I have not seen any evidence where it matters. I would rather have the upgrade path over the little extra i get from the 760K because I don't have the option to upgrade past that.

And you do not need a Z series motherboard to overclock the G3258 I can tell you for a fact that that the asus B85 vanguard can overclock it now with more support to come.

For gaming grab the FX6300. ☺

i realy dont see the point of getting that pentium over the FX6300

Well there is the ITX on a budget thing plus it allows you an upgrade path on an ITX form factor

yes itx, but then you still want an cheap i5 still, in my opinnion.

+1 FX-6300, but try to get a good mobo if you think you might want to up grade.

I hope Logan or Wendell review this thing.

If you're absolutely sure you will use the r9 270 and nothing faster for a while then get the unlocked pentium. It can overclock to an i5 performance level in games and take over the fx 6300 easily. If you will upgrade your card then keep in mind for this upgrade path you'll have to pay for a new cpu later on as well (to fully benefit from the video card).

The idea is that the g3258 is much cheaper and doesn't need expensive cooling (<60$ air coolers get ~4.5GHz with low voltages and temps). The platform cost isn't as much as if you'd take a fx 6300 and overclock it : maybe more expensive cooler as these things have a much lower thermal threshold, more expensive motherboard.

If you want gaming performance, you can get the FX 6300 and a cheap motherboard and run it at stock or a small overclock, and put the money saved into a proper gpu like a 280 or gtx 760/770. This will get you more gaming performance/$ as you won't have to spend more on an overclocking capable platform or cooler, with performance close to an i5 and having 6 threads available, it's much better value.

Correct me if i am wrong but the g3258 lacks suppport for certain features and still suffers all the shortcomings of it being only a dual core. Just because you can overclock it like a beast, it does not make up for that. I have not looked at that close. I am sure it has a use but whats the big deal other than it overclocks well?

well, the overclocking does not realy makes any point in the whole story, you got it right, that pentium will just lack of everything.

Offcourse you could game on that cpu, but there is definitely no point, of grabbing this over the much more superior FX6300

The Pentium will be a nice chip, for office computers, which don´t need a powerful cpu, and need to consume lowest power as possible, but thats basicly it. It will be not a great chip for futured games. Some todays games will run fine, but there are also alot of cpu demending games, which will definitely get bottlenecked by that pentium G.

If you are a gamer, and want small form factor like itx, then just grab, the cheapest i5, with a cheapo mini itx board, or what not.

What features does it lack??? You won't notice jack shit in games. The more you pay the more you get for your money up to a certain point. At the moment this pentium OCd at 4.6Ghz is at the same level with what AMD can offer in games, and at stock is a little bit slower than the Athlon x4 750k. If you don't need a quad core right now, it's a steal (if you get a cheap cooler as well) - which disproves your point misteryangel, there is no real bottleneck with mid to high end GPUs while costing less than an athlon. Why would this be "only for office use"?

It really doesn't matter, all of them will perform the same on a r9 270/gtx 750ti level graphics card. You'd be able to a proper gaming card if you went with the pentium, and upgrade later on when most games will require a quad core (because let's be realistic, today there's a handful that use more than 4 threads, like far cry, crysis, battlefield, but strategy games barely use 2 cores properly).

Going with an Intel CPU not only gives you better overall performance in everything besides heavily threaded games and editing, but going Intel also gives you an upgrade path along with a more efficient and modern system.

I want to try to answer Freaksmacker's question.  The G3258 lists at a recommended $72 and the chip is similar to an i3-4130 ($125), but the i3 has a slightly higher clock and has hyper threading.

3258: 4th Gen Haswell, 2 cores, 3 MB cache, 3.2 GHz, 53 Watts TDP, $72

4130: 4th Gen Haswell, no overclock, AVX2.0, Hyperthreading, 2 cores, 3 MB "smart" cache, 3.4 GHz, 54 Watts TDP, $125

The 3258 like all the G chips has a weaker form of integrated graphics than the i3.


Ty, that helps me place it.