Intel Or AMD?

Im building a gaming computer and am wondering if I should go for FX-6300 or i5-2500k. I will OC them as high as I can go with a NZXT Havik. I dont think that the CPU matters much in games compared to the GPU so I dont want to spend the extra money on a component that will not matter much while gameing. Please no fanboy answers!

I love amd but you should go with the 2500k  if you can buy it around $159 if not

I know that crisis can use 6 cores so the fx 83XX should do better than the i5 in that game.

the 8 core fx chips have 4 floating points and the 6 core fx have 3 more is better. my point is i5 trumps fx6300 and fx83XX unless you are trying to build a crisis build the the extra cores and floating point on the fx 83XX should do better than the i5

I want to say get an i5, they generally preform better in gaming, but I look at some benches, and I couldn't find anything to prove this point so, I would say, take your pick. Though you might be better off getting an FX-8350, as they actually proform better than the i5 on the benches I looked at.

So in conclusion, it doen't matter, take your pick.

For gaming, it wont matter. There is a few FPS difference, but realistically. If its above 40 then who cares. Intel is stronger on a per core bases. Infact most intel chips can process the same or more with a single core then AMDs two cores. Thats why the FX8350 gets compared to the 3570k, because intels offerings at similar core amounts are not comparable, AMD is much farther behind on those aspects. On a gaming basis, it doesnt matter. For rendering etc Intel is way ahead.

the fx8320 and the fx 8350 are the same cpu they just have diffrent clocks and part numbers

it all depends on what your doing

What's your build budget, and what will you be doing?

I will be gaming and my budget is $900 or less if thats possible.


Really, a GPU is more important. I would only buy Intel if I had at least $1200 to spend. At $900, if you go AMD, you'd be able to buy a 7970. If you go Intel, you'd have to stick with a 7870. If they( AMD and Intel) were using the same card( say a 7870) with a 6300 vs a 3570K, the difference in games will be anywhere from 0-6FPS. But because you'd be able to afford a 7970 if you go AMD, that difference will move in favor of the AMD build. The difference with a 6300+ 7970 vs an i5+7870 will be 0-20, at least, in favor of AMD

Oh and, the new FX chips are really good at rendering/ editing. The 8 core ones can even match up or defeat a 3770K at those task, plus other multithreaded apps. The only thing thing they're bad at is their single threaded performance, which most current programs run on. But in a few years, they'll move to multi.

Ah. I was planning on getting a 7950 with the AMD I already have the ram and will be getting a instead of the curent PSU unless the price drops i7 can go i5 and get under $900

Alright. thanks!

Intel for hardcore gaming and low power consumption, amd for everything else...

I said no fanboy! :P Give a reason please!

the 2600k is faster at almost evrything amd has. the fx 8350 beets it if you can load up all the cores. im using one(fx8350) because i do alot of Computer added drafting and i can use all 8 cores for one task. however, for gaming and every thing eless the i7 2600k wins. and the best reson is you can buy it. if you are looking to buy an i5 then the fx 8320 is just as fast as it for gaming and is $50 cheaper. also you can get a slightly less expensive MB for the amd cpu's thats still good. (not spell checked and going to sleep soon)

It really depends on what work you plan to throw at it. For instance, when running a virtural machine, the FX series smokes the Intel CPUs. On the other hand, most hardcore rendering is better suited to the Intel CPUs, and special Intel-specific technology such as hyper-threading. As many have pointed out, gaming is GPU centric, so get yourself an AMD FX series CPU and a good mobo to go along with it. The AM3 socket mobos are generally less expensive too. You can't really bottleneck the FX series (in my experience), so go nuts on your GPU. I have found that 2 different CPUs in different price brackets running the same GPU are nearly identical in gaming performance.

Now THATS an answer!


Alright! I'll go with AMD then!