Intel or AMD for Video Editing / Gaming

Building out a new system and wondering which is the better processor for video editing and playing games on? 

The Intel Core i7-3930K or the FX 8350 4GHz AM3+

if you have the Budget for it the 3930K will smoke the 8350 in every single way.

As beyondnight said, the 3930k will knock the 8350 out.

But you might not need such horsepower and can spend the money difference on better components for the rest of the system.

All things equal, the 3930K will beat the 8350 in almost everything. But the cost for a decent mobo + 3930K will be about $300 more than a decent mobo + 8350. Depending on the rest of your system, that money might be better put somewhere else. What other compents will you use and what is your budget?

For gaming, the 8350 WILL perform extremely well. When it comes to Intel vs AMD, the simplest way to put it is - it's hard to beat Intel's performance, but it's impossible to beat AMD's price to performace ratio.

I think you'd be really happy with either. I have an 8350 and I am absolutely in love.

gimme a budget and I'll work magic

*most effective when you live in the lower 48 states