Intel or AMD for BF3/Video Editing

I am new to this whole building a computer thing, but that does mean I don't know what I need, and what I have to do.

I will be starting to order parts for a PC soon, but I have yet to make a decision on what CPU to go with. I am looking at the AMD FX 8350 --vs-- Intel 3570k. I know, they have been making videos on this but I want a broader range of opinion from other people too. Which is why I am posting the question here. 

I mostly see myself doing video edting and playing a few games (mostly BF3). From my resreach, with the AMD I can get a better motherboard cheaper than I can with the Intel. Although I know it does use a bit more power, so I will be paying a little more for a PSU.

So which is better for my purposes? AMD or Intel? Before I had pretty much decieded on the 3570k, but now I am really considering the 8350.

fx. you want the crapload of threads, video editrs wil take them all and still want more

Id go 3570k if you overclock, if not stick with the 8350

I read that BF3's Frostbite engine uses a more CPU power and the 3570k destroy the 8350 in applications that don't require a lot of cores, BF3 can run on a 2 cores.

It really depends on what kind of video editing,

Are you doing simple commentaries? I say 3570k and OC it

Or are you doing those really stupidass seizure inducing montages with unecessary color correction? I'd go 8350


I was thinking of this:

My gaming and video editng hobbies are seperate. Usually I am editing with real footage, but sometimes (not very often) I will do a COD montage for someone.

Gaming performance would probably be the same, or very similar between both cpus. However the FX will kill the i5 in terms of video editing speeds, due to it having 8 threads vs. the i5's 4 threads, which video editing programs will take advantage of. Just make sure you have enough power for your system, and use a quality PSU (such as Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, NZXT, Silverstone).

Depends, usually the 3570k is just behind the 8350, OC'd it should at least match and 8350 Oc'd aswell. and if he ever encodes, he should get the i5 and use the HD4000.\

Edit: saw you were Canadian OP, check out this 

There are some retardedly good deals if you can manage to buy them


Intel wins when it comes to BF3 whats the price range because the FX 8350 beats the i5 3570k stock in vindeo editing because of the 8 cores but the i7 3770k beats all but it comes at a price

You my frined are a deal finding god.

I don't want to pay the extra for the i7. So if I can get the i5 vs 8350, and lose a little bit of editing perfromance, then I'm ok with that.

They have weekly sales, but of a pain to look through everything but well worth it when you find something good!

I look through alot of them, and even after there deals they are about the same price as other prices, becasue there regular price is high. But oh well...

Battlefield 3 hardly uses much cpu power at all

and even then it only utilizer 4 cores and no hyperthreading

but the difference between a 3570K and FX-8350 at 1080P would be about 4FPS, while at video editing and encoding the 8350 destroys the 3570K

Campagin (where most people test bf3) shows a lot less usage than on a 64 player server, and bf3 uses up to 6 cores

it may support 6 cores but it does not utilize them

and that is multiplater, less than a 2FPS difference between any of them on campaign

Multiplayer is what most people play, and the fps difference is pretty majour, especially on the larger maps, ive benched bot a few times to see how my 7950 was fairing and were talking 10+ fps difference depending on map, and im pretty sure if its coded for 6 it can use 6, what would be the point if it wasnt !? 

Ok, looking at two Systems right now, One with the 8350: and another with the 3570k: .

Let me know what you think, what I should change, anything. I don't care AMD or Intel. I care which setup is going to work better.

Personally id take the i5, just because clock for clock itll take the 8350, but make sure you get something like a hyper 212 evo, so you can OC it, if you leave things as are/ are on a really tight budget id say screw the 8350 and get an 8320 + something like a hyper 212 evo.

if it utilized 6 cores it would show more of a difference between the 4170 and 8350, or 3770K which has HT and 3570K

but it dosent