Intel Optane Memory Modules on Linux

I couldn’t find a reliable source online maybe some of you can help me:
Some month ago a had the chance to play bit Optane SSDs. I did see some interesting performance improvements but those drives are still very expensive just to play around with.
But there are still these 16GB Optane Memory Modules that are designed to accelerate hard drives. Can they be used as a regular drive in Linux (Ubuntu 20 and Fedora 35)? All I can find about it is about using it through RST which isn’t available in Linux. On the H10 and H20 drives it is possible (at least in Windows, Linux I don’t know) but is it on these drives too? I heard a lot about how Intel limited the functionality on the memory modules like not allowing SSDs etc.
Thanks in advance.

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If you wonder why I even consider doing this: The 16GB Memory Modules are ridiculously cheap now. I could pick up four (used) modules for around than 30€. I’ve got a PCIe to 4x M.2 lying around. I would do RAID 0 and 64GB would be enough for a while. I think 64GB Optane for less than $40USD is good deal I think

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no clue on if it works, although i think i read a thread on here in the past about a ‘poor mans 5800x’ and wendel commented I have tried all this. It was disappointing all the way around.

here: Building a poor mans P5800x

but there is: there is this one for 60GBP if you’re intrested and its only 1 drive aswell instead of using RAID and whatnot to get a 64g combined


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