Intel/Nvidia or Amd

I'm looking at building my first PC.  I don't know if i should go with a Nvidia/Intel build or an Amd build.  My budjet is  roughly $1500. I'm from Australia and use PC case gear.  I will be using it for gaming.


The intel option:


The Amd option:

Definitely go for the AMD build.

So I have a crazy idea. Go with the FX 8350 and the 660 Ti. I'm using AMD card right now and have been cursing there diver support for mounths. Stay with the 660 Ti and the 8350 is better at gaming than the i5.


AMD drivers have been amazing lately. I don't know what you're talking about.

The amd is going to have better performance for the most part esipcally if you are going to be doing streaming. Also the 7950 is going to destroy the 660ti but you wont have PhysX on amd cards. Another thing to consitter is that games are probably going to start using more cores in the cpu meaning the amd will be more future-proof.

also remember that you can mix and match... you can have an amd processor with an invidia card if you want. also your stuff is more expensivethan at other places you should use pcpartpicker and save literly hundreds of dollars.(

also if you buy your mobo and cpu in a bundle you save quite a bit hehe(


...i said also a bunch

I would use PC part picker but im in australia so PC case gear is one of the only choices.

ahh I see. my advice then is to hunt around for the best price at any available vendors, you could save a big chunk of your money. Looks like you are going to have an awesome computer =D

CPU: For <$200 - AMD, over $230 - Intel

GPU: Whichever has better price/performance ratio for your money.

And I actually prefer AMD drivers. Thay at least have decent control panel, unlike Nvidia.

The AMD build definitely looks better for gaming. Just note one thing. I bought my parts from and it ended up costing around $200 for postage and gst. And that was a $1200 build. However, the stuff came in 4 days and it was all well packaged and no damage even on boxes. It's a good store. Also, my HDD didn't come with a SATA cable, and I think it was a Seagate one. So just make sure you have one lying around somewhere just in case, or buy a cable too. (they're cheap). 

For the case, I chose a Bitffenix Raider. Plenty of ventilation, comes with 3 fans, and has 4 USB 3.0 ports on top. It's also a bit cheaper than the CM Storm. (Also has a fancy fan controller on top which I thought wasn't working then realised the fans inside were extremely quiet)

Hope that helped :)

Either would serve you well as a gaming machine, 

the 3570k is a good all rounder, the 8350 is a bit uneven, really good at some things and average at others due to its weak single thread performance (this may matter to you, doesnt to me.. the future is multithreaded :D).

There are so many reviews online with contradictory results of the 660ti vs the 7950 (i havent used any of the current lineup from the green team so I had to look up comparisons :P) that its hard to recommend one as the king over the over.. I personally would go with the amd 8350 and the 660ti.. but thats out of curiousity rather than anything concrete.

if you have no plans of crossfiring, using usb 3 or overclocking on the amd build then you could save a load on the motherboard and get the Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 .

I have one in the machine I built my brother spec: 8350, 32gb ram 1600mhz, 7850 1gb vram, 128gb ssd(boot), 750 gb 7200rpm(storage), he loves it.

Thanks for the help guys much appreciated :)