I recently found an Intel NUC NUC5CPYH for $60. I’ve been wanting a streaming pc for my bedroom and I think third would quirk great! Feel free to give your opinions below. Should I buy it? Edit- link-

Looks like it would make a pretty cool home theatre PC, imo. I say go for it.

Should work great. Some minor 4k concerns:

  1. I believe 4k will be up to 30hz (no 60hz).

  2. It can’t decode PlayReady 3 DRM content.

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I contacted the guy and I got him to sell it to me for $40! Also I am using 1080p so no concerns there.

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Great find, congrats

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On the topic, I was thinking I would use 4gb of ram and a standard 500gb hdd. Does thus sound good for a home theater?

If you are going to be watching streams and some stuff downloaded that sounds more than adequate. Personally I’d put into it what you can afford, but if you aren’t super worried about what you keep on it you can always go used or white label. Back in the day, I would keep downloaded goods from yonder “bay of inequity” on a white label drive - if it had a problem then I didn’t really lose anything as I could torrent the bits again.

Some searching of Fleabay has turned up white label drives for good prices, I link this one as an example:

A 2.5" laptop drive in good working order should be fine.
As you are using 1080p also consider that you could have the media files shared over the Lan from another PC, so you don’t need a lot of local storage. In that case a used 64/128GB Sata SSD would be silent and boot faster.