Intel NIC choice

I'll keep this short and sweet,


I'm building a home server and needed a network card, I scoured kijiji, craigslist, all online retailers and finally found something on ebay, it's a brand new Intel i340-t2 server network card ( ) for 65ish $. The issue is: there isn't anything online that explains or reviews this card, the only thing I've found is that it is made for IBM by intel.... I don't know what that means for me. Will it work with windows 7 pro/ultimate? are there drivers? etc. the only drivers i've found are for the i340-t4. Would they work? intel's site does not list it as a compatible device for that driver.


need your collective expertise




Edit: if all is well, do you think it's a good choice for the money? comes to around 80 with shipping.

From what I've read/heard, you're better off paying the extra $$$ and getting a legitimate Intel NIC, as opposed to something else, for it will save you hours of grief in the end.

I'll be completely honest with you. It doesn't matter what you get for home use. Pay a few extra bucks to get an Intel NIC if you really want to or if you need some special features (teaming, 802.1x, etc. ) but frankly, anything should do the job. I strongly recommend this one (cheap, Intel, lifetime warranty).

I'll be teaming them for increased bandwidth. I'll be using it as a backup pc to backup 3 laptops and 2 desktops and as a raid 5 server (hardware raid) for streaming music and movies so I was wanting to get as much bandwidth as i can get.

Oh right, my bad. Make sure your switch supports teaming as well, because not all of them do. It seems like the NIC you found is at a nice price point then. It most likely comes from IBM servers and you can find drivers here for windows server 2008. I couldn't find any other drivers anywhere though.

why do you want teaming anyways? It gives more problems than benefits and really 5 client backup is easily done with a gbit network card. You are better off with assigning good QoS rules than with a teamed line.

For instance if you stream 5 Blu-rays (not just encodes the actual Blu-ray itself) and 5 separate DTS-HDMA tracks at once you won't even be halfway of what a gbit line can handle. And I really doubt you will backup such a huge amount of data that you can't make the daily syncs running after each other with a 50 MB/s cap.

Besides the initial backup I doubt that you will dump a few hundred GB on the server daily that you would need a teamed line. The 50 MB/sec I mentioned above means you can sync 3 GB per minute or roughly 1,8 TB each hour. I don't know how insanely huge your home server is but I think you could fill that within a day and that's just using HALF of a gbit line.