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Intel Meltdown compensation


That being the case, did you really need to apply the patches to hyper-visor layer? If you control that and all the VM’s then the risk is minimal. Meltdown is a huge risk to public cloud providers not home users where you control the entire stack. Can you uninstall the patches?

</trying to be helpful>


The VMs are for isolation and security as much as anything else, so I’m not sure it’s a good idea to go without patches.


It really depends what you are running on them and if you trust the code or not.

You might be in a position to disable KVAS which can really hit performance, especially if you know exactly what is running in each VM.


Basically what I expect as well.

Class actions like this should result in full compensation. Unfortunately lawyers end up with all the money. Hopefully we’ll soon be replacing them with robots.


Yeah, I could probably spend some of my valuable time tuning the VMs and doing security audits of the software running in them… But that has a huge cost as well. And it’s still Intel’s fault.

Intel started negotiating. They asked for details of the workloads so that their engineering staff could look into it. Waiting for a reply.

I agree about class actions, I prefer an individual action at Small Claims Court.


Intel suggested that I run without any patches / microcode updates if performance is an issue. I told them I would only do that if they insured me against Meltdown related security issues and optionally paid for security software and my time to evaluate it.

They have until February 10th to rectify this fault.


Any update here?