Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3's and Pentiums Due in September!

So, Who is ready for the Ivy Brige Core i3's?! I know i am, not to mention the GTX 660. Anyway, the blue team is droping 5 IB Core i3's and 2 chips wearing the Pentium moniker. Lets take a look at the lineup. For the Pentiums we have the G2100T and G2120 the former runs at 2.6ghz and caries a 35w TDP while the latter runs 3.1ghz and a 55w TDP. Both carrie 3mb of cache and lack Hyper Threading. Now onto the important ones for us gamers, the Core i3's we start with the i3-3220 the replacement for the 2100. Clocked at 3.3ghz it has a 55w TDP and carries HD graphics 2500. You can also step up to the i3-3225 that carries the same specs but HD 4000 graphics. The other 3 cpus cary the hd2500 graphics they are are the 3220T (2.8ghz 35wTDP) the 3240 (3.4ghz 55w TDP) and the 3240T (2.9ghz 35w TDP). The Release date is not officialy set but it has been said it will be the second week of September. Just in time for a build for my birthday!




What so no K edition? that suks

Yeah intel is keeping with Sandy Brigde and not offering a K sku i3, but realisticaly if you need to overclock an i3 just get a lower end i5 or pony up for the 3570k. They are plenty powerfull enough for gaming on their own.

Better be affordable. I see no reason in having a 2C/4HT CPU when i5 2500(K) is performing so well in it's pricerange.

Hope Intel is going to step-up the amount of cores really soon. Haswell 2013?

Core i3 - 4C/8HT

Core i5 - 8C

Core i7 - 8C/16HT ~ 10C/20HT

Who am I kidding? It's Intel. As long as people buy their products they will rock on 20GHz Quad-cores in 2025... LOL!

It's the competition man, If they dont need to bring out the big guns they wont. Just like Nvidia. I think with the way they priced the IB i5's they should be perfectly priced, look at maybe 10% over the Sandy Bridge counterparts. Which wil be EOL Q4 this year.

Cant wait for my birthday build too! It will be my first! Been waiting and saving my pennies for almost a year and a half now.

What is even the point of needing extra multipliers on the range of low-level CPUs that is meant for a very basic user? Let's just assure that it'll stay really cheap. I bought a Core i3 2120 recently and it wasn't even that cheap.