Intel i5 3570k/RAM Overclocking question

My motherboard BIOS has an option to auto overclock my CPU and RAM. I wanted to try it out and see what the results were.

It overclocked the CPU to 4.2GHz and it changed the frequency of the RAM to 1372MHz. Before I auto overclocked the system, the RAM was running at stock frequency of 1600MHz. Does this seem normal to make the frequency less when the system is overclocked?


I eventually want to sit down and learn how to manually overclock but due to time I am not able to at the moment. If the above question seems like an issue, this will give me more incentive to make time ha! Overall though the system is stable. I am just wondering about the RAM frequency change. Thanks!

Overclocking Programs are pretty craptastic. Most of them mess with the bus clock as well, which on intel isn't a good idea unless benchmarking. 

Thank you for the link. 

Since you have Ripjaws you should be able to eek out a little bit more speed out of them. I have heard that it is best to overclock RAM first, that way you don't have to change voltages as much when overclocking the CPU. I personally believe that when stress testing RAM the test needs to last a minimum of ten hours. I usually run either prime95, OCCT, or Intel's Extreme Tuning thingy. I have my doubts about Intel's ability to really stress things out, but that is nothing more then a feeling. 

I let the stress test run before I sleep, and if it crashes I'll up the voltage on whatever needs it, then run it again before I head to work. 

Thanks for the advice. I will give it a go sometime next week.