Intel i5 3570K or i5 4670K

Hello guys,

So I want to build a new gaming rig but i'm not sure which i5 i should buy as they are pretty much

the same price.


Any help is much apreceated

I would grab the 4670k and a Z87 motherboard. You might get a grumpy CPU that doesn't want to overclock as far as the Ivybridge counterpart. But you are getting the more powerful processor, much more up-to-date socket, higher quality motherboards (in my observations), and a much more efficient power allocation.

The new i5 4670K would be my recommendation unless you really like overclocking. It consumes less power, has a higher IPC meaning an inherent performance gain despite the similar stock clock speeds, is on a modern platform that next generation. Broadwell, is likely to be on as well giving you more upgrade options and finally the biggest plus to going with Haswell in my opinion is that the 1150 motherboards are very ncie and have many more features that many of the older motherboards do not have.


Reasons you may wish to go with the Ivy Bridge: It's probably slightly cheaper, even cheaper still when you compare the prices of the older motherboards vs the newer ones. It doesn't get as hot when more voltage is applied to it meaning that you can get away with overclocking on a cheaper CPU cooler depending on the individual CPU of course. Finally, Ivy bridge CPU's tend to overclock better than Haswell, just as Sandy tends to overclock better than Ivy.

I would personally go for the 3570K, but most people don't overclock anywhere near as much as I do, so the better option is most likely going to be the newer 4670K

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Yes I think the 3570K is better for me as I am going to overclock and going to use a lower grade CPU cooler: CM Hyper 212 Evo

4670k overclocks just fine. And the CM hyper 212 will handle the heat really easily. Haswell isn't much hotter than Ivy. I have my 4770k at 4.6 (could easily go higher to 4.7 or more) and it doesn't get hot at all with a cooler I bought for £30.

When people say Haswell gets really hot, I feel that is misinformation. Much more stable than Ivy too, because of the integrated VRM.

It is a double edged sword. I think Haswell is much easier to overclock than Ivy, but it does make it less enjoyable to overclock it.

I guess it depends what 'kind' of overclocker you are. Just don't be put off by what people say about the heat. It really isn't an issue.

I'd like to also say that if you don't already have a Intel mobo that going with the AMD Fx 8350 may be a good idea. It will do better in gaming than the I5. But if you are also found productivity than the I5 is better. I also heard that some Haswell I5's don't want to over clock more than .3ghz but that could be something more with the I7's...

If overclocking: with h100i/ verybig air coolers or water then get a 3570k

If not overclocking much or will be using stock cooler: 4670k



FX-8350 trades blows depending on the game with the 3570k.

But if your streaming just get an Fx-8350 hands down, its a beast for the price.

Dont forget about future games utilising more threads as the new consoles have 8 core modules

Hyper 212 evo should be fine for average overclocks on the 4670k.

The trend of the I5 being better is over in 90% of situations because all new game engines will use 8 cores, so an I5 is now not efficient for gaming. It may be in a couple titles today but in slim to none next year.


That's 100% speculative unless you're from the future.

Eh I'd say the i5 is the better choice. The 4670K is so close to the FX 8350 in multi-threaded performance that the more cores argument is moot. It's like 13% slower in multi-threaded performance than the 8350. So with 4 cores it almost does what the 8350 does with 8 cores. People seem to misinterpret the information and think that the 8350 does with 4 cores the same as the i5 and that it'll blow it out of the water with 8 cores, but it only just passes the i5 with all 8 cores being utilized (hence why the 6300/6350 is slightly behind the i5).

Not to mention you can get roughly a 30% overclock typically with the Intel chips, while with the FX 8350 you'll probably get under 25% unless you're lucky, but from what I've seen it seems typical for the 8350 to cap around 4.7-5.0GHz, while it seems typical for the 3570k/4670k to gain from 3.4 all the way to 4.5-4.8, which is a pretty significant difference. Now overclocking is a bit of a guessing game, and some people are lucky and get an 8350 that'll OC to 5.5GHz and some people get one that won't even make it past 4.5GHz, same goes for Intel. Some people will get one that surpasses 5GHz and some can't get 4.2GHz. But from my observations, it seems that Intel chips usually OC a bit more, plus the power consumption is a good bit lower incase you're eco conscious or have absurdly high electricity costs where you live (though really you're looking at less than $15 per year difference unless you run prime95 all day).

Really it depends on your budget. If you can afford the 4670K, I would honestly grab that over the 8350. The difference is not very big, and games that are WELL coded should be using the GPU and should run perfectly on an i3 or FX 4300. Granted a game utilizing 8 cores is better than one that only uses 4 and then struggles on the 6300s and 8300s, but ideally it should be so GPU bound that the CPU isn't that important.

But really, either CPU will do just fine for gaming. The Intel chip seems to have better overclocks on average, but you could get very lucky or very unlucky either way. The 8350 has about 10-15% better multi-threaded performance out of the box, while the 4670K has lower power consumption and ~40% better single-threaded performance.

cavemen ARE from the future... obviously you've never played Fallout

An i5 with 4 cores accomplishes more than an FX 6350 with 6 cores, and is only beat by <15-20% by the 8350 using all 8 cores. People seem to think because a game can use 8 cores that it means it will suck on an i5, but that's not the case, since each of the i5s cores is like 40% faster, and due to shared resources in the Bulldozer/Piledriver architecture it doesn't perform like a true 8 core... the opposite is true - a game that only uses 4 cores will kinda suck on an 8350.

While on this, would it be worthwhile to upgrade at the moment from the 3570k to Haswell or is the price to performance cost not worth it?

if you have endless gobs of money that you have nothing better to do with than just upgrade your PC whenever anything new comes out.... I still wouldn't...

the real upgrade is the z87 chipset it's placed on... and unless you're running Raid SSD's... not even close...

Incorrect, we can already see that next gen will be 8 core optimized because big game engines are now 8 core optimized like Frostbite 3. Being how many game engines will be optimized for the 8 core Ps4 and Xbone One we can tell that any console game (which most are) will be 8 core optimized. Its no surprise that lots of console games are built on Pc and ported to console or the other way around. Either way the game engine will be optimized for 8 cores.  

No we know from the CPU architecture that Intel cores are about 20% faster core to core. Any source saying that a I5 is better than a 8350 in a game that is 8 core optimized is lying, not in an optimized game, or using a synthetic benchmark like synibench which is coded to boost Intel processors. Check a non biased source and they will tell you that 8 cores beat 4 in an optimized environment which is the environment we'll see in modern games.  

People that say that HAswell is SOO much hotter, probably have never even had one. I have one. Its not that hot.

Although you CANT use the stock heatsink. You will throttle.


That being said, the Haswell series uses a LOT less power, and the Z87 chipset is amazing.

Personally, I can OC mine to 4.8, and stay under 1.3v.

Yeah, I had guessed that but my OCD makes me always want the newest stuff despite it not being worth the huge amount of money