Intel i5 3570k Mobo for arund 200$


im building a pc and im getting a intel i5 3570k and need a mobo. i was thiking about the asrock z77 extreme4 (  ) but is cada old so what would you remend? sorry for bad english :(why

The extreme 4 is a really good motherboard for a full sized atx case but if you want something a bit smaller then go with a asus maximus 5 gene its matx and has a beefy power design for overclocking 

If you have 200$ to spend id suggest something like the Gigabyte UD5H or a ASUS Sabertooth board as theyre pretty feature packed.

I would prob go with the Z77 UP4-TH last i checked it was arround $200...If you could swing it the UP5-TH would be better but I have the UP4-TH with a 3570K at 4.5 and solid as a rock. Thunderbolt works perfect and this board has great componets and vrm section is solid as well..... Of courrse BEYOONDNIGHT suggestions are good as well......GOOD LUCK>>>>>>>>>>>

For 200 i would strongly consider the Maximus V Gene the upgrade to the audio solution alone is worth it. Most users run only a single GPU so you are not losing anything going to a mATX based board ( although keep in mind it still supports SLI and Crossfire ). Overall the features and functionality for that board are awesome. That being noted BeyondNight's recommendation of the TUF board is a great choice but the P8Z77-V also would be a great choice and you get Wifi.

Really depends on what some of your key interests are going to be in this build you are planning.

Hope this helps! Enjoy the rest of your day.