Intel I350-T4 4-port PCI-E Gigabit LAN Network Card

Ordered this card ( a couple of days ago, and after it was sent I realized it was coming from china, can I trust it or should I just return it?

If you were interested I have a guaranteed-genuine I350-T4 ethernet adapter, could make high-resolution pictures of it and you can compare the PCB components/build quality of both units.

First step would be to check the YOTA sticker with its link and cross-check the ethernet adapter’s MAC addresses.

If there is no YOTA sticker, well, it might have just “fallen off” or…

Thanks, I might take you up on that, there would be no rush as it won’t be delivered to my for a least 3 weeks. I just thought I would try to find out as much about it while I wait.

Do you know if it is easy to flash the firmware?

Just checked Intel’s complete 25.2 ethernet adapter drivers/firmwares package, there doesn’t seem to be a firmware update for the I350 chipset at all.

I personally only have experiences with updating the firmwares that are already in that 25.2 package (X550 and XL710 ethernet adapters, for example).

If I remember correctly there is a firmware integrity check tool in the Intel ethernet adapter software that you can optionally install. I DON’T KNOW if faked/counterfeit Intel ethernet adapters can spoof such a check if you get that mentioned driver/software package directly from Intel and don’t use the USB thumb drive saying “DLIVERLS” that might come with that ordered ethernet adapter when it arrives :wink:

Maybe other users have more (forensic?) experience with such “questionable” units. That would also be very educational for me.

ok thanks for your help, I’ll see what I can learn about the firmware integrity check tool while I wait for the delivery.

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