Intel hd 5500 with amh a409u in 4k @60hz?

i want to replace my two aoc 27 inch ips panels with a single 40 inch 4k panel

just backed out of a fantastic deal on a wasabi mango uhd420 via mostly because of the purchase process and because i am now uncertain as to if this will work at all

i am using a dell latitude e7450 laptop with a dock that has dp and supports dp 1.2 as far as i know

the gpu is an intel hd 5500, which, according to the dell site, support one 3840x2160 @ 60 hz

now i have read warnings that some of these monitors will not work with macbooks or laptops, is this true?

this will be used at my office desktop and possibly some photo edit after hours, not gaming

any feedback would be appreciated

i just don't want to go down the wrong path, waste time and money



buy a display port cable , walk into a best buy , ask to try out one of their 4k tv's with your laptop. easy peasy

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yeah, i just thought of that in the last 5 minutes myself

i just need to find a mini-dp 1.2 certified cable


got a laptop running a 4k 30hz monitor at home with a intel 4400. the cpu, monitor, and cable can all run 60hz but the port is 1.0 not 2.0 hdmi. check your ports man.

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i checked the dell site specs and they indicate that it is

not certain how to verify the physical dp level on the laptop, any pointers


It should be DP 1.2 considering that its a fifth generation Intel graphics chip. I would say your probably safe to assume its 1.2 because of that.


i think so too

but having a mini-dp to dp cable around is never a bad thing

once i get it i will test it out on a display model if they will let me

i am still not sure what large 4k monitor to get, leaning toward the amh a409u but not sure