Intel HD 2500 or Intel HD 4000?

Hello people,

I have a question concerning the intel cpu's. When I look at some processors, there is only one difference by some. It is the difference in the Intel HD, 2500 or 4000. My question is, do I need 4000 for a better performance, when I have a graphics card?

Thanks for the help already,

Alex Overman


Later is better...


Well, usually the ones that only have Intel HD( with no numbers) are earlier generation CPUs, and the 2500 ones are lower-end CPUs in the Sandy Bridge gen( I think). So the CPUs that have HD 4000 are newer and more powerful. May I ask which specific CPUs you are looking at?

I am choosing between the Intel core i5 3570 and tthe Intel core i5 3570K.

Then the iGPU doesn't matter since they're practically the same chip and since you are using a dedicated GPU. Pick the k version if you plan on overclocking. Pick the non-k version if you're absolutely sure that you're never going to OC. If the prices are close, regardless if you are going to OC or not, get the k version.