Intel G3258 + Asus Maximus Vii Gene Overclock Issues

Hey guys!

I'm sure there is a thread on something similar, but I have watched tutorials and read information on how to overclock this processor. The problem is, I'm not getting nearly the same results as everyone else.


I purchased the Intel G3258 and an Asus z97m-Plus to overclock and do a budget build. I paired it up with 8GB PNY 1600. Booted it all up, raised multiplier to 38, instant BSOD. Raised to 37, BSOD. Raised to 33, BSOD. Literally, any configuration I tried I got a BSOD booting into Windows. So I replaced my RAM with Corsair Vengeance 2400. I can get to 38 multiplier stable. Once I get to 39/40 I get a BSOD while gaming, and benchmarks/stress test.

Then I purchased the Asus Maxiums VII Gene, thinking maybe the motherboard just couldn't handle it, or something was wrong. Installed everything, tried the same thing. I can AT LEAST get to 40 before a BSOD, but it's not stable at all. I disabled turbo and all power (c states) things and raised the v core up quite a bit, still BSOD.

Literally, everything I've tried I can't get it past 38 stable. I let Asus do it's auto tuner from Bios and it BSOD. I let Asus do it's auto tune in Windows, and it reaches 38 before it stops.

I was expecting at least 4.5Ghz easy peazy, but now it just sounds like I should buy a 4690K.

Cooling: Corasir H60 (temps never exceeded 52C while stress testing)

SSD: Kingston Now 120GB

Case: DIYPC Cuboid

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2400 (Runs at 1333 and 2400 stable)

MOBO: Asus ROG Maximus VII Gene

PSU: Evga 500w Bronze

Any help would be super appreciated, it seems like I'm not doing something right at all.

I've had success overclocking older i5, Athlon, C2D, etc. This one is stumping me. :-)

Perhaps its just the silicon lottery. Not all chips are guaranteed to OC to high frequencies.

Also have you bumped the voltage in small increments such as 0.005V?

Yea, I've put the vCore all the way up to 1.350v to try to get to the 4.0Ghz, and that didn't help.

The memory frequencies aren't rising with the clockrate per chance? I've no experience on that particular platform so I have to ask, given replacing the memory with higher rated sticks gave you some headroom.

Set the ring ratio to half your core multiplier and see if it'll boot at 4.0. If you get it stable after playing with any of the following suggestions, you can raise the Ring ratio back up to 36, which is where it pretty much stops making any difference in performance (or so I've seen in benchmarking.)

Leave XMP off.

Set core voltage to 1.2v and +40mV offset.

Set Ring Voltage to 1.1v and +20mV offset.

If you can find an LLC/vDroop setting buried in the menu, set it to 25%.

These all got my Pentium G3258 to 4.6GHz, but no further. It seems these chips have a very solid wall somewhere, and yours may be 4.0GHz. Play with the settings a bit regardless.

I'd be willing to give you my G3258 if you want a chip that is guaranteed to hit 4.5GHz stable. :P

I appreciate the offer, it means a lot!

So far, with some mild experimentation I've got it to 4.1Ghz stable as can be. I had to up the voltages a bit more on the cache side, and put it back to 36. However, I am running nice at 4.1Ghz so far, and I am going to leave it alone for tonight before my patience runs out. haha