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Intel FUBAR ... again - Kernel memory leak in nearly every Intel CPU of the last decade (Spectre hits everyone, Meltdown still Intel exclusive)



Alright, who can spot the first lie? :rofl:

By Brian Krzanich


I’ll play.

Second sentence:

Thousands of people across the industry have worked tirelessly to make sure we delivered on our collective priority: protecting customers and their data.

Damn, that was quick.


Plot twist, Intel cpu’s are blazing fast because the processor doesn’t perform any of security checks required and therefore also the reason it’s open to the vulnerabilities. This can be patched with microcode however, putting it under 20%+ speed of Ryzen when running same/similar security checks


I am a bit surprised that they are rolling out architectural changes so soon. Good on Intel.


Fixes coming to older CPUs.

I guess that’s nice. Don’t the motherboard manufacturers need to implement the fixes in new bioses though? That doesn’t seem likely to happen.


I guess that should be a relatively easy thing to do. They only have to take the latest one and stuff the new microcode in. As long as there is nothing else to do I would hope Asus, Gigabyte, ASRock and the like would do that. One of them has to start doing it and make that public.


Hopefully. I have some older Supermicro servers that I would really like to update.


I guess there are a lot of servers running that older stuff. Especially for those I would think fixes will come.
I have a NAS running Sandy Bridge myself, so …


Interestingly this has been discovered.

I personally don’t think it is too big of an issue.
I am curious how this affects AMD as this apparently is very similar to Spectre Variant 2.
The good news is the researchers says hardware and software mitigation can be applied and the patches coming for Spectre/Meltdown should also cover this vulnerability.


So (on the subject of intel being fubar…), intel having issues getting off of 14nm, 10nm delayed, etc.

Apple’s A10X is already on 10nm.
AMD is on 12nm
AMD has announced 7nm

TSMC is shipping 7nm and has now announced 5nm

Days of intel fab advantage do seem to be well and truly over? Unless their 14nm++(+?) process really is that much better than others’ 14nm?


It’s certainly starting to seem that way. I think 14++ is definitely on par with the TSMC 12nm that AMD uses though. That said, they’re going to hit a point of diminishing returns on it eventually. You can only optimize so much.


Well, allegedly that’s because Intel mostly bribed everyone into not using the Opterons. As in they paid companies significant percentages of their overall revenue.


There’s no alleging to do. Intel got caught. They were fined something to the order of a rounding error.

Maybe we should start fining companies enough to do some actual damage. These companies have so much money they just factor the price of getting caught in to the equation as “the cost of the operation”


20% of quarterly revenue for eight quarters sounds like a good place to start.


The problem is how do you teach them a lesson without crippling them? I suppose you’d have to take 100% of their quarterly profit for eight quarters. That would do it.

You need to make them feel the pain (preferably, hit them in the stock) while not severely damaging their ability to perform.

As much as I hate to admit it, Society relies on both Intel and AMD to perform, otherwise we’re going to be in for a world of hurt.


Force them to spend 25% of their revenue on advertising apologizing to the public for their anti-competitive behavior for 8 quarters.


Hence the corporations run rough shot over the world with the too big to fail mentality. You can ruin a person life over a mistake but you can’t ruin shareholders stocks over evil deeds.


Are you arguing they aren’t?

What if Intel failed? (frankly, I think this would be good from a privacy standpoint. Big data is 100% Intel at this stage)

I get your point, but there are significantly better ways/places to spend that money. Governments all seem to constantly be short on money. If Intel had to pay 10bn every time they did something shady, the US national debt would be gone in a decade. (yes, I know what that’s implying)


In addition to paying a fine take away a patent or something? :thinking:

edit: I mean make it available to all competitors.


I mean you could make x86 (Not x64 as that is AMD) open to all and watch intel start to freak out lol. Would also give AMD the advantage of finally being able to open up the AMD64 instructions