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Intel FUBAR ... again - Kernel memory leak in nearly every Intel CPU of the last decade (Spectre hits everyone, Meltdown still Intel exclusive)



I guess that was simple enought to predict, Now the question shifts to whether new cpu’s are fast enought to cover that performance gap with sheer computing power but i imagine due to the way processes work which i have no idea how the answer would be no.

Thanks for the input.



As a broader issue I think we’ve actually underhyped the gravity of the situation, because pretty much every computer we’re using is now insecure.


Security is overrated anyway. Nobody wants to pay for it, users thinks it is a bother. So go figure…


It seems so however i think the main reason the repercustions have not sinked in for me is due to the way i see computers and other technologies; which is i never thought they were safe since they are always connected, so i made it a point to act as if everything i provided is accessible by everyone else who knows ho to use a computer including both users and companies. But when you think about the effects this can have on a bigger scale its enough cause for someone to start living in their closet hugging a blankie for the rest of their lives.


Just one reply further and David Woodhouse casually mentions "Skylake implications."
As if there is something specific to skylake that not everyone knows about.
Just found it odd.



Emphasis on “very hypothetical”. Unusual wording.


Reminds me of a certain statement from some other X86 silicon company…
But even worse is the phrase ‘almost safe’.
That’s like almost alive. It still means dead.

In other news:

Apple getting fucked.


I don’t really care about any of these class action lawsuits.

It seems like it’s a spectator sport to some.

But I have no bet on any horse in the race.

It’s also idiotic to sue apple about it. Apple didn’t design the CPU.


Yeah, to the extent that the charges assume intent, this is unlikely to go anywhere.


I get what you mean but it is still part of the story. And if one of those goes through, that could be seen as a precedent.

But apple claims to produce their A9, A10 and so on chips themselves. They do label them apple chips at least.


Technically every ARM licensee does that. They’re all just licensing an ARM CPU spec for their Custom SoC. The fault however lies deep within the licensed ARM cpu core which they’re not allowed to mess much with.

Of course the consumer placing such a lawsuit might not know or care about that.

This is also one where ARM kind of lucked out, that due to the licensing agreement regarding how they make Chips, they can offload a lot of potential blame to vendor implementation.


From a legal standpoint, they might not even have a choice to go after anyone else because the chips are apple branded.

Yup, looks like it.

Nothing new really in this one but I bet some here might find it interesting.


Speaking of gaming, those glad that they switched to Ryzen may be miffed to know it will never properly support the original Mass Effect due to the infamous “black box textures” glitch SPECIFIC to AMD CPUs newer than Athlon: (Which includes Ryzen, Threadripper and EPYC)

  1. There is a mod to fix that
  2. FX series also has that


Yeah, but EA ain’t fixing this. So a unmodified copy will perpetually have this issue. No Origin or Steam patch to fix this for you. Is the average user likely going to know this can be fixed with a third party mod?


People know the ME HD rework mod exists, in the install guide, it tells you to get the memory and missing texture fix.


I recently moved to 1440p 144hz and this is very interesting for me. My 7700k might get the boot soon. Thanks for this.


Cisco seems to have pulled the 3.2(2e) firmware fix from their UCS (Unified Computing System) equipment which included the spectre fix.

Apparently they were instructed by intel to do so and said that there is an imminent public announcement that will soon be made.

:thinking: :worried:


3D Now extensions where removed.
They’re ancient and I don’t know why earth the game was coded to try and use those anyway.

TLDR: Won’t fix, doesn’t matter.


Something cool regarding Meltdown mitigation on Power CPU’s

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