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Intel FUBAR ... again - Kernel memory leak in nearly every Intel CPU of the last decade (Spectre hits everyone, Meltdown still Intel exclusive)




I guess we will see a LOT of CPU benchmark videos in the next months.


And then some more as the first product releases come arround… oh boy!


Great. I’m on Haswell. There’s still no BIOS update for my system though. So hopefully it will be addressed first now that the information about crashing is out.


Don’t panic.

That seems to be best practice at the moment. I simply haven’t patched anything so far.
The whole thing is a clusterfuck and I refuse to play QC for Intel.


Hell yes it does. Especially if you turn the audio options to War Tapes.

DICE actually puts a crap load of effort into the sound in the Battlefield games, unlike most other shooters.

Get a nice pair of headphones, turn the audio preset to war tapes and play for a bit. Notice things like the sound of your LMG firing changing if you walk into a building whilst firing.


War tapes on bfbc2 :ok_hand:


So intel said firmware updates for all CPUs made in the last 5 years… what about sandy bridge? how fucked is my 2600k?


What? You didn’t buy the latest generation CPU for five years? Are you mad? How could you live without all the new features and the dramatic increase in performance because of all those added cores? And how do you think is Intel supposed to survive without all our money? If they go bankrupt it is just because of you, totally your fault!


games are barely playable, sometimes they’ll dip to like 120fps probably because of the 1080ti though, not the 2600k, that thing is solid.


Oh those stupid graphics things, don’t worry about those. Just use the integrated ones from the newest i7. That should fix all your problems.

Intel believes its products are the most fastest


i might have to make a sign and picket intel outside of the local best buy or something.



Buy AMD :stuck_out_tongue:

j/k, people are free to buy whatever they want

Just saying that all it took for intel to be sh*t scared of amd and start taking them seriously…

Was an ‘all or nothing’ last ditch attempt from amd (who if we are honest were VERY close to circling the drain) made with the limited resources / funds that amd got from the consoles… Just imagine what they are going to do with the cash injection from ryzen / threadripper :smiley:

From here on out sh*t is going to get gud for cpu’s

It’s gpu’s I worry about now.

Amazing how things change,

pre ryzen we were worried about cpus (lack of competition / innovation etc), post ryzen now we are worried about stagnation in the gpu market :smiley:


Well … there’s more.




Hi all - I’ve been out of the loop with Christmas, my Birthday, a week in Singapore (shopping for goodies!!).

I’ve heard talk about what, why, and how it will affect you. Is there any info on how to “test” systems to verify they are patched correctly?

What’s the low-down on linux so far?



Seen this?

Those patches cause more problems than they solve at the moment.
Wait. Just a little bit.


Patching microcode.

Aka: How to turn an information leak vuln into a denial of service vuln. :wink:


Only one way to go. Intel’s next microcode update will actually set your CPU on fire, burn your house down and kill everyone in it.

But it’s fine, that means it works as intended. :+1: