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Intel FUBAR ... again - Kernel memory leak in nearly every Intel CPU of the last decade (Spectre hits everyone, Meltdown still Intel exclusive)



‘PC Magazine Programmer’s Technical Reference: The Processor and Coprocessor’

Wow, 1992. Someone saw that coming when I was 10, playing Gianna Sisters on my C64.
And here we are. A quarter of a century later…
… just … wtf?


No wonder everything is getting hacked all the time… The entire banking system…security is almost complete garbage. Makes my head spin considering all the possible.


Connect and neglect. At a manufacture level, at a Vendor level and at a user level.



So… is the fix to stop the processing of these transient instructions? Are these branch-prediction cycles or something else?



‘Security is job number 1 for Intel and our industry’

I have no idea how he is able to say that on stage and keep a straight face…


Well, it’s good that this was foreseeable. :wink: Though the statement “and why this imbalance is increasingly difficult to justify as hardware complexity increase” is untrue, because money.

That aside, why be confident that ‘prodding’ will help, when project 0 apparently didn’t give Intel a hard deadline, and they only started work once that fellow/group from Graz independently found it?


This is interesting because project zero goal was to get fix’s out in a timely deadline to keep hardware secure.

This is all a guess rumors / speculation (pun). Intel didn’t seem to have done much since mid 2017 when they found out of the flaw in hardware and flaws in architecture software wise.

I expect the ass covering and PR fud will be redlined for at least most of 2018.


I remember when I argued on how awful Win 10 is as an OS for forcing updates without the user choosing it and without the chance for a rollback most people were telling me that i exaggerate and that is just linux fanboyism talking.

Cases like these is why babysitting the user like that is a bad idea.


I have walked away a bigger fan of linux after all this. The stuff with the av and athlons which is what causes me to tell people update but give it day to two to see what windows messed up :slight_smile: I consider not updating security patches as bad but… Lets not run out and immediately accept it either. Maybe not the best practice but has dodged a lot windows based issues in the past.


Not sure what to think about this


Goes to show someone has been sitting on their ass for a long time since the vulnerability was brought up for the first time.
Microsoft blaming AMD for providing “outdated” datasheets for EOL products reminds me of intel pointing fingers earlier.

Halting the rollout is a good thing in the sense that it does not break systems and bad in the sense that the vulnerability will exist for longer.


An attempt to steal amd’s thunder a bit. We already understand that Microsoft treats amd users as third-class citizens. They are definitely in bed with intel.:smirk::smirk::smirk:


xbox runs amd chips but sure why not have some healthy conspiracy


You only reinforced the third class status of the xbox :stuck_out_tongue: plus I did throw in a smirk.


Microsoft compensates for the AMD security with crap software.



So… Nvidia was not forthcoming


Unrelated eh?


What do you have at stake that you are spamfucking people you don’t agree with as Tin-Foil wearers?


Really missed that shot. Didn’t ya…