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Intel FUBAR ... again - Kernel memory leak in nearly every Intel CPU of the last decade (Spectre hits everyone, Meltdown still Intel exclusive)



Top notch explanation from Eben on that one.

Recommended reading materials to anyone who wants a good very basic intro to CPU architecture concepts.


I just tried the meltdown bug on here:

it works. God damnit.


This one is pitchfork side but interesting as well.

“Welcome to 1998. We’re from the Marketing department. We’re here to help you.”


lmao. That’s no good.

I couldn’t get meltdown to work on my xeon.


Well shit. This is bad.


If only we had a write exploit, then you could use speculative execution to take over the codingground site to add some speculative execution javascript to the webpages to take over a visiting browser. Spectre-ception.


Did we miss this one?


Mh weird, all the numbers I can find are down today… ah whatever, not enough either way :smiley:


It’s the Final Meltdown…



It’s amazing how fast 'muricans can be if it’s against the big boys taking their toys…


I’m was just reading eben’s responses in the comments on his blogpost.

It’s awesome to see how passionate he is with his replies. He’s clearly enjoying this as a teaching opportunity. :smiley:


The AMD Variant 2 fix is decided, It’s already hard as hell to make work on AMD as is. This kills any hope Variant 2 had on AMD.

On AMD CPUs, retpoline isn’t needed and usage of the LFENCE instruction is enough to protect against Variant 2 of Spectre.

Intel will need to be fixed via retpoline as is in Windows. This can carry a 5-10% performance impact.


I was just going to ask about that.

I wonder how much each person would be awarded…


about tree fiddy


Ok yup nope.
I’m giving up fiddling with BTI for AMD Chips. Either it’s impossible or convoluted as hell.

And I need to get some sleep again :smiley:


Down from yesterday, yes.

I’m talking up from Jan 1.


so whatever happened with FUCKWIT?


They decided to be mature adults and go with KPTI instead.


damn. i was hoping FUCKWIT would stick