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Intel FUBAR ... again - Kernel memory leak in nearly every Intel CPU of the last decade (Spectre hits everyone, Meltdown still Intel exclusive)



Are we seeing Ryzen beeing invulnerable to this specific approach or fedora beeing up to date?


Something else.
Spectre aint patched yet. Unless @sgtawesomesauce did something funky in his bios settings or elsewhere.


I think we’re seeing invulnerability. I’d like a peer review on this though.

@wendell, can you test ryzen/TR on a Linux system against this test?

I’m just overclocked, aside from that, I left my bios at default settings.


Just for giggles, can someone test one of the jaguar cpus that was launched for desktop?


Overclocking to make yourself invulnerable…
Would be nice if true, however I doubt it.


I’m not vulnerable to your attacks, hacker. I overclocked my system.


your meme is now mine


Meme licensed under Creative Commons. Have at it babe


To any mod…

Even though this is fastly turning into a meme war… can we keep this thread open?

Pretty please? :stuck_out_tongue:


We’re still having a very productive discussion with just enough memes to keep my sanity. I think it’s fine.


or don’t mention it and just continue talking about the topi-…don’t even need to finish


@catsay I think the x86 test code is flawed. I found someone using that code who wasn’t able to read the mem on a core2duo.


What do we have so far ? Full listings of cpu’s effected, some patches, but not much in the way of performance impacts from benchmarking. Not that it means much for desktop.


Incomplete list of CPUs effected, some patches, scattered and conflicting benchmarks, a bunch of nervous investors.


Need to use different instructions for timing


There are more listings in the post above.


Which post?

Last I saw it was saying “pretty much everything intel except specific atoms, a bunch of AMD and ARM. Some PPC may be included in this.”


I’ve also been having a really hard time with my one Pentium 4.
Can’t get anything to dump out. Or just illegal ops.

TFW you reply to yourself…



i486 N N N N
Nehalem Y?4 Y1 Y?4
Westmere Y?4 Y1 Y?4
Sandy Bridge Y3 Y1 Y2
Ivy Bridge Y3 Y1 Y2
Haswell Y3 Y1 Y2
Broadwell Y3 Y1 Y2
Skylake Y3 Y1 Y2
Kaby Lake Y3 Y1 Y2
Coffee Lake Y3 Y1 Y2
Knights Landing Y?4 Y1 Y?4
Knights Mill Y?4 Y1 Y?4
Avoton Y?4 Y1 Y?4
Rangeley Y?4 Y1 Y?4
Apollo Lake Y?4 Y1 Y?4
Denverton Y?4 Y1 Y?4
SoFIA Y?4 Y1 Y?4
Lincroft Y?4 Y1 Y?4
Cloverview Y?4 Y1 Y?4
Bay Trail Y?4 Y1 Y?4
Tunnel Creek Y?4 Y1 Y?4
Stellarton Y?4 Y1 Y?4

2: Meltdown paper confirms [PRIV-LOAD] on Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Skylake. Sibling microarchitectures presumed vulnerable too.
3: Spectre paper confirms [MISPREDICT],[BTI] on Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Skylake. Sibling microarchitectures presumed vulnerable too.
4: Presumed affected since the issues appear to be pervasive to Intel CPUs and no counterexamples are known yet.
Zen (17h) Y1 Y?1 N1

See ARM Vendor Response for source.
Cortex-R7 Y Y N N
Cortex-R8 Y Y N N
Cortex-A8 (under review) Y Y N N
Cortex-A9 Y Y N N
Cortex-A15 (under review) Y Y N Y
Cortex-A17 Y Y N N
Cortex-A57 Y Y N Y
Cortex-A72 Y Y N Y
Cortex-A73 Y Y N N
Cortex-A75 Y Y Y N
All others N N N N

A little more info but mostly the same.