Intel Extreme OC Utility suddenly appeared on my system

Today I noticed a process called XTU.exe running on my system, which belongs to Intel’s Extreme Overclocking Utility. Interestingly enough, I have an AM4 board, so there should be no need for this program to run. The folder it resided was created on 26.04.2018. On this date neither a Windows Update was installed, nor any other application.
Any idea how this got on my system? I assume it should be safe to remove. I have already disabled the service, but there is no uninstaller in the folder, nor is there an entry in Window’s application viewer. Should I just delete the folder and presumably leave behind it’s registry entries or is there a better approach?

Intel: Yo dawg! I heard that you like to over clock on our competitor’s platform. So we gave you a tool that we built to overclock on your overclock.

In the MS Windows world, if you disable the service and nothing bad happens, you are probably okay but, I would use Powershell to gather a little more information before removing files from the filesystem. I use this a lot when working on mom and pop shops that have no IT.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look into that.

Also, I had to create this:

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