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Intel EXPI9400PT driver support

The Realtek garbage in my B450 Tomahawk recently decided to take a dirt nap, so I’m trawling for old Gigabit adapters on eBay. Found some good prices on old Intel NICs, but the only official drivers are for Win 7. Will these old cards even work in Win10, or 11? I assume Linux support is a non-issue…

It seems to be an Intel 82572 chip and it should work fine with win 10. It works without any issues on Linux.

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I can assure you you will install the drivers for any old Intel network card; you might have to install the drivers yourself manually. For example, I installed an old four-port 350 last Christmas. With Linux, I didn’t have to install any drivers; they are included in the Linux kernel. At least, that is my understanding of the situation.