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Intel DX79SI motherboard

Hi everyone I am a novice in this field I have a motherboard Intel DX79SI + i7 3820 + 8 gig of ram.
I was going to sell the mother board to a tech repair shop he offered me £80 for this said the ram was to slow.
Sow I was thinking if I updated the ram will I have a better system ?
This is th ram I have at the moment doesn’t mean anything to me KVR 1333D3S8N9H/2GB
I believe the speed is 1330

While the 3820 could handle 1666MHz RAM, Intel does not scale meaningfully with RAM clocks.
Unless you are running out of memory, I see no reason to change anything.

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Intel CPU performance does not. Individual apps can perform drastically better, depends on how much RAM bandwidth they want. For games, something like GTA V can get a 20fps boost in a lot of areas with faster RAM.

OP, CPU/mobo are you running right now? And what RAM DIMM capacity/config (for example, on X99 I run 32GB in a 4x8GB DIMM config)?