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Intel Creates Cascade Lake-AP with up to 48 cores with Glued-together design server focused


dis x2

SHould be interesting to see how ROME does when the 64 core is released…


Thro, I can’t agree more. I just get frustrated when people just meme, rather than bring up valid concerns like you did.


The memes are brought out due to valid concerns. Not just concerns but outright trickery and lying… Which leads to humorous captions on pictures.


That’s fair.

I guess it just frustrates me when I come into a thread looking for info and all I see is “GLUED TOGETHER”


You have intel marketing to thank for that one :smiley:


Hey let’s make fun of a competitor using a slight bit of Truth for shit we already have done. That will never backfire


Well a 48 Core CPU is not something I would get for a desktop, heck even 32 Cores is Ludicrous for a desktop (and AMD has one for the workstation grade computer)


A 48 Core Intel CPU seems like it will be insanely powerful and might even give Epyc a run for it’s money, but AMD is coming out with Zen2 Epyc so it could be interesting. But does this Intel CPU stand a chance in power efficiency I do wonder.

Meanwhile I am much too poor for such beastly CPUs so I am just going to get some old crap like a Dell R610/710 or something like that.


I have a hard time justifying more than 6 cores and I compile AOSP on nearly a daily basis. These CPUs aren’t meant for the desktop. So when Intel claims that AMDs products are rebranded desktop components they are being ridiculous. Never were intended for the desktop in the first place.


Remember I said this first :smiley:

If intel asks for smt to be disabled unilaterally in windows ‘cause security’ then its purely because they are losing the thread war and want to hobble the opponent / narrow the gap.

…I could easily see intel pulling a dick move like this.


If anyone is going to do that it’ll be Intel, they really do have the worst track record for pulling crap like that out of the tech companies I can think of.


“only a problem for servers” is kinda a big thing.

nobody is running 48 core processors on the desktop… :slight_smile:


That will only work on Windows.

I’m not sure Microsoft would do that as it would cripple their performance vs. Linux which would have the option to turn on SMT for AMD assuming any relevant bugs can be worked around.


I wish they could implement proper accounting and isolation for ram bandwidth, and doubled the bandwidth at the expense of 2 more cores. I wish they switched from tiles connected into a grid, to donut/torus that looped around. I wish they added more l2. That could probably let us squeeze out another 20% performance out of existing cores.


Speaking of wishes…

I wish I was a little bit taller
I wish I was a baller
I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her
I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
And a six four Impala

And now back to your regularly scheduled glued thread.


I wish they even made what they announced.

Lets see next year.