Intel CPU + Motherboard for $400 incl. taxes + shipping

I'm finally upgrading from an FX-6100 and want to jump into an Intel chip with a brand new motherboard. I'm not looking to do major overclocking, but the ability to do so would be cool. I'd prefer mATX or Mini-ITX because of the small form factor (I'm deciding between an mATX and Mini-ITX Bitfenix Prodigy). Colour doesn't really matter to me too much. Must have SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0. I'm from Canada so if anyone wants to help out, it would be appreciated if everything was done in CAD$. I've been searching for a few weeks now and have a couple ideas but I'm just looking to see if there's anything I missed. Thanks!

The Intel i5 4690k and a Asus or EVGA Z97. The cpu should be about $250 and the mobo about $150. This combination should give you a strong platform.