Intel Core i7-8809G specifications published

Unforunately, they’re still hanging onto Kaby Lake.

According to some other media, the 8809G will turbo to 4.1 GHz, while the graphics will feature 24 CUs (1536 SPs) running at 1190 MHz while the HBM2 is 4GB and will run at 800 MHz. The same media are also listing the Core i7-8705G (20 CUs, 1000 MHz on ‘Vega M GL’, 700 MHz on HBM2) and a Core i7-8706G. None of the information from those sources is yet to be verified by AnandTech or found on an official Intel webpage.

Wouldn’t be too surprised to see this chip - and the possible variations -showing up in the next Mac Minis, and other SFF PCs.


A NUC with this chip should be coming soon. Tempted to buy.

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This smells like Apple wanted this really badly, and we might all benefit from it fingers crossed.

24 vega CUs is no joke with 1 stack of HBM2.
Also HBCC is going to come in handy with 4gb.