Intel Core i5-750 CPU or AMD Phenom ll X6 1055T CP

Witch would you choose?

id get the x6

Phenom 2 x6, not even competition.

x6 hands down. AMD has their game.

AMD most definetly and a Crosshair 4 formula motherboard

Dude how can you even compare that? A Six Core CPU against a 2 Core? Is that even fair? Of course Not, so yeah.
I would of course get the X6.


even dat low end x6 rips the 750, let alone the black edition

6 Cores! enuff said!

i fail to see the logic in this discussion, it's like comparing a 2lbs steak to mcdonalds cheeseburger so obviously 6 cores

I think thats a bit of an overstatment as the 750 and i7s will get some amount of better gaming performance. Its more that intel needs some price drops now so that the comparisons are between the i7 930-i7-860 and the x6 1055 which seems to only be the case if you shop at microcenter. everywhere else they are 70+ dollars to high.

yea but the question is which is better the AMD Phenom ll X6 1055T or the Intel Core I7 980x?
there bot 6 core cpu's so which one would be better gaming wise? (asking because i generally don't know i'm fairly behind on my tech updates and news >.< ) thats to say if money wasn't an issue that is

A i7 920 / 930 would perform same in games.. Well almost.
You don't buy those kind of cpu's for gaming.

980X is in a class all of its own. The Phenom 2 x6's are an interesting group of processors. They bring a lot of cores to a pretty mid range price point. However, performance does suffer.

Core i3!!!!

Core i3's are the worst thing anyone can buy. Athlon 2 x2 is cheaper, and offers similar performance.


The worst thing you can buy? =P
but agreed tho the core i3 are not worth the money at all even if it does have built in graphics in the cpu everyone here pretty much buys a gpu anyway

That rock looks pretty cute, I'd buy one.

Any decent modern motherboard comes with an 8200 or better built in. That GPU is better than the one built on to the Core i3. Value is gone.

Core i3 is good for LAN-PCs with extreme overclocks. I'll get a mini-ITX LANbox with DFI P55-T36 and Core i3. Much better, and cheaper performance, compared to the Core 2 Duo series. Also, it has 4 Hyper Threads. So in fact, it is a fake quad-core, which is cheap... and has built-in typically Intel Graphics on H55/57 boards... which sucks, yes.