Intel Core i5-4690K vs Intel Core i5-4670K

I just wanted to ask if their is much of a difference.

not realy.

They are basicly both the same, only on the 4690K they add a few more capacitors to the chip, to provide more stable power and they improved the Tim, for better heat dissipation. the 4690K is 100mhz higher clocked. But they are both the same haswell archtitecture.

Intel claims with the improvements that the 4690k and 4790K cpu´s should be better overclockable, because of the extra capacitors and better tim.

But it isnt allways the case. Its still a matter of luck in terms of overclockabillity.

Alright then thank you.

Offcourse also vt-d on the 4690K yes.

But thats virtualization related.