Intel Core i5-3350p Suggestions for GPU

Hey Tek Forums,

I really need advice on getting a somewhat budget build ready for this summer. I am seriously trying to figure out what cpu paired with a gpu will get me decent frame rates (40 - 60) in games like BF3, GTA 4, Far Cry 3, Minecraft, Flight Simulator etc...

I am looking at Intel because i want a CPU thats powerful but also cost effective and will work really good with a discrete graphics card. 

Obviously the i5-3350p is on my mind because i will be buying a discrete graphics card and its an i5, ivy bridge, pcie 3.0, 6 megs of l3 cache, quad core, for $170.

So my main question is, how high of a graphics card, dont matter if amd or nvidia, should i consider getting to pair with the i5-3350p to get 40-60 frames on the above games.

Open to any other cpu suggestions, preferably intel, i want to spend the money on intel cpu rather than amd.




a 660 gtx will do you fine.

can you reccomend a chipset for that cpu?