Intel coming out with Kaby Lake Refresh for laptops

Zenbook 3 -
XPS 13 -
Lenovo -
Acer -

So I guess it turns out Intel is actually going to release these laptops with these beast CPUs a lot sooner than I expected. While I barely heard from Raven Ridge, which was what I was anticipating.

I have mixed feelings about this, it’s great that Intel decided to release laptops with better CPUs, hopefully the iGPUs are better too though, which is also why I wanted to see Raven Ridge. But, it was all of a sudden rushed as if they sat on it and was ready to release it any time since Kaby Lake or possibly earlier, which made the whole Kaby Lake line up completely pointless. A cop out to secure their virtual monopoly on their laptops and a kick in the nuts to those who bought Kaby Lake laptops.

I wonder how that Acer laptop is, it looks tempting, wonder if the stylus is anything like the Surface tablets.

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