Intel Begins Teasing Their Discrete Graphics Card

So Intel has started to tease regarding their new discrete Graphics Card:

Personally I’m not to enthusiastic but any competition for nvidia is good. Probably won’t be breaking speed records but should help drive prices down in the value brackets.


h265 chiplets needed, basically it’d mean one step higher resolution streaming
but more accurately it’d mean I’d say 1/3 h264 file size, while doing 10bit hdr

I’ll believe it when I see it.

If it’s 10nm it’ll be DOA.

They’ve tried GPU’s in the past and it sucked.

Oh well, at least I can replace my i740 in a year and a half


Well they now have Raja Koduri from AMD so maybe that helps a little.


What a bizarre video… 5-axis impeller machining?



But can it challenge the Vega 11?

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  • Intel tried GPUs before (Intel i740, GMA series, Larrabee, etc.): Failed
  • Intel tried other CPU architectures before (itanic, RISC, before the 386): Failed
  • Intel tried modems recently: Failed
  • Intel tried storage recently (optane): DOA/Failed

The only real successes intel have had has been x86 and their network adapters. Every new thing they’ve tried to put out has sucked. Hell, x86 originally sucked, they just got really lucky with an IBM contract. If Motorola had won that IBM contract we’d be at least 5-10 years further ahead due to the less brain damaged memory model back then. The 68k was 32 bit with more registers and flat memory…

Intel have good fabs and can make fast SRAM cache. That’s it. Oh, and they’re good at killing competition via marketing/vapour (Itanium vs. PA-RISC, Sparc, Alpha, etc.) and illegal business practices (AMD).

Their designs generally suck (exhibit A: all the performance vs. security hacks emerging, we haven’t heard the end of it).

I’ll take any performance claims with a bucket of salt.

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Considering raja is behind this, it will need forced induction to cool it

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Intel reportedly experimenting with 16K 144hz monitors.

In other news, the intel toiletry division closes due to lack of sales with their ‘intetila toilet’.


More likely, 16k 14hz monitors.

Jokes aside is there going to be any real discussion in this thread or only the now meta intel bashing

Having another option in the market is always nice.

There’s nothing to discuss yet other than the announcement. It’s all speculation. Based on historical precedent, i do not expect intel to be competitive.

What I’d really like to see, rather than Intel going for power is a discreet Intel display adaptor. The Imagine a small form factor PC with a low profile Intel card with like, 4 displayport sockets. It would be a productivity beast.

Excuse me, sir.

Comedic comments are easier to make than that of discourse with substance.

Memes or discussion, that tis the choice.

What are they teasing? The GPU isn’t supposed to be out until 2020, IIRC.


A productivity beast how so? It won’t have the horsepower to drive 4 high end displays (and won’t have the power for EXTREME MEGATASKING ( ® Intel 2017), so why not just plug a single large 4k display with 4x the resolution/screen area into a single port?