Intel becoming #2 in desktop CPU market

There was talks back in 2012 of Qualcomm purchasing AMD when AMD was worth more than it is now. It is seeming like that could become a possible reality, which in that case AMD would have the money and processing power to create CPUs that can rival Intel as Qualcomm is DOMINATING the phone/tablet world of CPUs, and have been gaining ground of Intel in total of net worth, and chip performance.


If Qualcomm and AMD teamed up, do you think they can make a desktop CPU that can rival Intels best?


*tried to start this discussion on LTT and all they did was claim Intel fanboyism.



[Not too sure but Intel is doing pretty well in SOC with their low power Atom x86 processors.]

More options in the market is a great thing!

AMD already has their ARM processors in production/going to produce but I am not aware if they are using their own fab labs or using another company like Samsung to produce the ARM chips.

I forget who produces Qualcomms chips, Qualcomm does not produce the chips, they use another company to manufacture the chips and Qualcomm simply sells them.

We honestly have to wait until 2016 for AMD to show us their best! Intel has not really done too much besides push low low power and improve their graphics. Which is somewhat a good thing and bad thing. Sure Intel is increasing the power of their GPU on the processors but the CPU's are not improving amazingly well. They already delayed desktop Broadwell and most likely will delay their Skylake chips, but who knows.

I think Qualcomm used to partner with Samsung for manufacturing, but has since made their own chips?(cannot find any information confirming this) 


From a business standpoint it could make sense for Qualcomm to do something like this, as they have almost have as much net worth of Intel, and all they do is mobile CPUs. They could easily buy out AMD if they wanted, which it would become two giants competing against each other instead of AMD trying to hold on. I can see Qualcomm wanting to get into the desktop CPU market, and the best way to do that would be to partner up with AMD.


I know we will have to wait for Zen to come out to see if AMD can make a come back, but they just don't have the massive funds that Intel has to compete. I do agree that Intel has not made huge bounds in pure performance since SandyBridge (which is why I am upgrading my 6300 to an old Xeon) but Skylake is supposed to be a big performance change as well.

haha, maybe because when you buy an intel cpu you invariably also purchase the gpu that's on the same die

Exactly. Not really like you'll be doing much gaming on those integrated graphics. Except maybe the Iris Pro line which you can't really get in any desktop CPU.