Intel Arc SR-IOV "hack"?

Has anyone had any success with this yet, or found any more information?

I am greatly surprised the lid is still on this one a bit. Sorry for the delay… :grimacing:


Somebody already had a glimpse at the genie?

How many concurrent wishes does it offer?

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Just one. After working on the card for 50+ hours and failing, you’ll wish you had another GPU.


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The lower end of the lineup uses a different die than the higher end. I wonder if this hack will support the lower end cards, like the A380?

Has anyone even seen the production Flex 170 in the wild? I checked with two of my suppliers in Canada, and no sign of them upstream at the national distributor.

I saw the new L1Techs video from Intel Innovation, and the idea of being able to provision VFs from the GPU the same way we provision VFs on Intel NICs is super exciting. Makes alot of sense for remote dev boxes and even CI/CD boxes being able to provision VF GPUs on the fly, use them during a CI or batch jobs, then return them back to the pool (omg dynamic k8s/portainer provisioning means you could the spin up VFs just for a container’s lifetime!)

Well as a matter of fact, I sent back a A770 to my retailer some days ago, because the pcie reset was even more hazardous than the one AMD ‘presented’.
If Wendell had swung his wand already, I’d probably have claimed those 50+ h for myself!

Edit: and in the process void my warranty in the most serious way possible, I guess. :joy:

Can you say something about the card you have it working on and the one you don’t (manufacturer, version, etc.)?

tempting price

Okay. Now the Flex 170 is $2,400, although I’ve seen secondary sources quote the MSRP at $1,900-ish even though these aren’t being sold through retail channels.

This is a lot more tempting though if it can be gotten to work reliably. :slightly_smiling_face:

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yeah lowest price I have seen so far

Just lurking around until now, but i don’t see anything specific about using the Arc-770. Couple of questions:

  • Seems that a cross-flash of the Arc-770 to a Flex card is required
  • Can it work on an AMD IOMMU platform ?
  • Does over provisioning work ?
  • Which card is suitable ? (Arc-770 Limited Edition or any other Arc-770 card like the BiFrost)

really? that’s cool, because I did that via overwrite fuse w/ my lauterbach last time.

26 More days on the clock

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I don’t think the hack was ever promised to be released this month or even before this year ends. I wouldn’t be surprised if the holdup is for non-technical reasons though.

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I am aware no promise date, just poking as I dont want it to fall off his plate. Hoping the interest might drive more access to this on all vendors.

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Created an account just to say I’m deeply interested in the outcome of this as well!


you mean you wouldn’t have watched the video in full yet,
but have already booted your test machine… :yellow_heart: :laughing:


I may or may not have a 770 in my proxmox box already, but did return my 2nd one.

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Consider me interested, to the point that I have asked a well known channel in my country that is dedicated to publicizing discounts to add more discounts for Arc cards, primarily the A770, as the importers here have decided to stop importing them completely (after making them even less affordable than the competition, relative to overseas+shipping+taxes, in the first place).

Something like this, with a meta-OS like QubesOS could be perfect, not just for the reasons Wendell outlined, but also for making a technician’s work much easier.

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