Intel Alderlake LGA1700 external Clockgen BCLK OC (non-K)

Today a very interesting video was published from der8auer talking about non-K BLCK OC. He took a 12400 to 5.4Ghz All core. The temps and actual power draw were pretty amazing considering the clockspeeds. However he was using a $350 z690 board with an external clock generator.
As it is right now he doesn’t know if motherboards without external clock generators can even do BLCK OC on non-K CPUs…

Here is a link to the video:

With Alderlake out there is quite a bit of talk basically everywhere about this new platform. Personally I haven’t built an Intel system in quite a few years now (since haswell) just due to poor value and thermals. ADL seems to change that and I was considering upgrading one of my older machines (such as the haswell one) to ADL just to keep an Intel system (my main workstation is Threadripper) in desktop form (have various intel laptops).

So I’m wondering if anyone else has information about this or if we could share knowledge on this overall? Maybe a list of boards that do have external clockgen (I read that MSI MAG has it also) or possibly boards that MIGHT be able to do BLCK OC on non-K SKU’s. To me this is the most interesting because it would allow for high clockspeed P-Core chips without much power draw. The downside would be buying a $350 motherboard for a $180-220 chip… seems counter productive.

This is cool.

But i wouldn’t be surprised when intel is going to lock this down with future microcode updates.

They might lock it down, depends really on what motherboards can do it and how hard it is to do.
Beats buying a 12600K to disable E-Cores to OC it since overall it uses way too much power.

However it has got to work on cheaper motherboards for this to even be a thing that makes sense.

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So after a week of this, I think that this is currently only restricted to super high end motherboards… most of which cost $500+… making this not at all interesting for most people.
Based on the lack of replies here I guess really nobody does care about this even on a tweaking forum like this one ;x

Yeah well from a financial perspective when this only turns out,
to be working on a Z690 board.
Then it won´t really be interesting indeed.
Because you could very well get a K series chip instead then.

But from a technical perspective, it is kinda interesting to see what intel is going to do about it.

I agree. There is a B660 board that can do it now that der8auer explored the other day. However with this B660 board the same chip could only hit 5Ghz vs 5.4Ghz and that also kind of destroys the “value” when the silicon gets limited by the boards.

If Intel does nothing about it then we may see Motherboard vendors release some more “pro OC” B660 boards with proper VRMs and stuff for these non-K SKU’s.

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