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Intel 9XXX series shenanigans





This is why they removed hyperthreading on the i7s, for security.


Lol no. As much as Intel actually addressing a security would be great the removal of hyperthreading from the i7 is not that.

It is nothing more than making a hole for a new CPU so they came segment things more and charge you even more for ever less features and performance.

If they cared about the security of the HyperThreading bug they would remove it from all high end CPUs that are likely to be bought for semi professional use, and not just one mainstream CPU that is struggling for a reason to exist.


I think free openBSD stopped supporting hyperthreading due to security concerns.




That was OpenBSD.



Steve is pretty pissed about Intels doings.


None of them are mad enough, they talk shit and turn around and promote the products anyway.


He dropped a motherboard box at 13:33.

Also, he has his 9900K already, yet that didn’t stop him from berating Intel. Look in the lower left.


He mentioned that GN acquired theirs outside of Intel but holding back info out of respect for those under embargo/NDA terms.


I thought that was Hardware Unboxed Steve, from Australia.


I thought GN Steve mentioned it in the first rant video? I could be misremembering.


Hardware Unboxed Steve mentioned he got a 9900K outside of NDA, but he’s withholding results out of respect for other reviewers.


Speaking of him…


that’s because the part itself has nothing much to do with the debacle and people still should be informed about what it does well/poorly so they can see if it’s worth picking up.

Speaking pragmatically, I’m sure Intel doesn’t WANT to have to spend time with blacklisting everyone that has called them out now and in the past, but if they did, they could easily find people more willing or even eager to shill for them. If that happens, we lose the objectivity of people like Steve who are responsible for bringing the faulty testing to the light to begin with.


You know what they say: any publicity is good publicity.


Intel knows how modern “journalism” works: rush to be the first to copy/paste some sensationalist “story”. In this case, their dummy company (P.T.) provided the bought story. Once it’s out there, good luck to everyone with educating people who’ve seen it why it’s bullshit. Especially when we’re dealing with technical stuff that people mostly don’t understand. You’d need a massive blowback to counter the positive effect of the initial bullshit story.

Another thing that’s interesting with this case is how quite a few very big PC tech youtubers did not talk about this issue on their channels at all, while at the same time they jump on anything since they’re starved for content. Quite telling, I’d say.


I still don’t understand your point, I mean if it’s just REEEEEEEEINTEL then that’s fair, but you frame it like Steve et al shouldn’t review/buy Intel products, or? What should they do to be “mad enough”? I’m generally curious because SO MANY PEOPLE on here are super salty at Intel and I’m wondering if they’re just mad cause Intel or are they thinking it through?

What would you do if you were Steve?


I think the Steves are just calling out the bullshit as they see it.

Normally it wouldn’t be an issue if it was a level playing field and anyone could put out comparisons. But it is not.

Edit: Fixed typo.


The bullshit would have been a side note if the reviewers weren’t under an NDA. This is the ONLY piece of crap put out with actual… “numbers” by Intel essentially allowing Intel to jump real reviews by weeks. Intel is controlling the narrative in this… or trying too.