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Gigabyte Motherboard roundup sooon?

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@wendell do you maybe have any news on Gigabyte (or any other manufacturer) if they are considering opening up their RGB controllers? I really would like to have more control over the lighting (AURA is quite limited in my case), and have proper Linux support, but every major manufacturer (ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, Corsair, NZXT) keeps their protocol private.

The problem with this is that I can try to reverse engineer it, but messing with I2C and other low level components can damage the hardware, so it would be better if they would release at least documentation. This way the community could implement libraries to manipulate the lighting.

Enough info here in the sdk to do stuff?

I thought this was Taiwan.

OK… the LED’s in the fan blades are pretty damned good looking. Are the fans replaceable? Be cool to see one of them opened up to see how they do it.

Do you happen to know if the Gigabyte 2080Ti is a custom PCB?

This an SDK (similar to what ASUS has), and it is only useable on Windows unfortunately. It seems that they use a completely custom chip, so there should be some kind of documentation somewhere…

I have a Crosshair VI Hero now, but next time I shop for a motherboard, this will be something I consider (since they have very similar features and price). Thanks for the info.

The PCIe x8+x4+x4 is possible since at least Haswell.
I could newer find a board that has implemented it.