Intel 6600k Overclock - Safe voltage for a moderate OC

Currently at stock my voltage is at 1.168 v. I would like to OC my cpu
to a moderate 4.2 GHz. I was wondering what would be a good starting
point for the voltage if I would like to have this cpu for the next 6-8
years. I am running a dark rock pro 3. Also I know that I shouldn't go
above 1.3 V? Do I need to turn off any of the power management features
in the bios (speedstep, cstate,c1e, etc) before I attempt to overclock or will I be fine as I am not trying to push my cpu to it's limits?

I don't know what Bios your working with, but I actually overclocked my i5-6600k today. I reached 4.7GHz at 1.36mV.
To me 4.2 GHz sounds like a very low overclock for this CPU.
I used a guide found here:

I pushed my CPU as far as possible, while keeping it stable.
I don't encourage overclocking and any damage done to your CPU is not my responsibility.

While i'm personally comfortable with that voltage it isn't "safe" 1.3 or lower is within spec currently searching for the source for that... it has been stated by intel themselves.

Regradless of how much voltage you add you're increasing electromigration
(Electromigration is the transport of material caused by the gradual movement of the ions in a conductor due to the momentum transfer between conducting electrons and diffusing metal atoms. - Google)
any overclock under 1.3v would be negligible... would last 10 years or more as long as it's kept cool enough

My temps are staying below 70C degrees, Im going to lower my voltage point my point until it goes unstable. Thank you I need to do more homework on overclocking.

70c at 1.36mv is too much one or the other needs to go down or you're looking at 3-5 years (just making an educated guess) If that's all the longer you need it then great if you need to be sure it'll be working by then, continue what you're doing and back off :P

edit: I missed the 'below' you're actually probably fine then.

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Lol I don't see myself not buying another CPU 5 years out, I'm tempted to buy a 6700k as it is. I want to wait until the next skylake series CPU's to be released though. Thanks for the advice :)

I would like to add that I have overclocked the CPU at 4.2 GHz at 1.184 v. I do realize that I could get more out of the cpu, but as this is my first time overclocking, I am fine with the results. Temperatures have hit the low 50's using a variety of stress tests/benchmarks.