Intel 4770K bad overclock

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I am new to this forum and im not from uk/us so dont blame me on bad english.


i recently put together my rig: intel 4770k, asus vi hero, amd 7990, corsair vengeance 1600mhz, corsair h80i and seasonic 850 PSU.

So i was trying to overclock my CPU to 4208,4 Mhz on 1.200v, 100.2 base clock and 39x CPU cache ratio, it worked and it was stable so i tried to push it to 4.4 Ghz on 1.225v, 100.2 base clock and 39x CPU cache ratio and it wont co any higher. CPU temperatures are around 35 degrees celcius. I have seen people hitting 4,7 Ghz on 1225v. So what am i doing wrong here, or do i have a bad CPU?

What motherboard do you have? Also, haswell chips are all over the place in terms of overclocks.

if you read the post you would know! ASUS VI HERO

Wasn't there earlier. The cpu is just not a good overclocker.

It depends on the silicon lottery, also the other people achieving the overclock you stated.

May of delidded there CPU but putting this aside have you tried using IntelBurntest to stress your current overclock to makes sure its stable?

I always go for maximum and 10 runs, hopefully this should help you identify your issue.;)

people wo hit 4.7 ghz.. which mobo do they use? probably not the HERO! because this board is more made for gamers not diehard overclockers.. .

but i think a  oc to 4.5 GHZ should be capable for the Hero

haswell has inconsistent overclocks

Silicon lottery... The 4770k cpus have ''different'' cpus. If you are lucky you are going to get a good one to OC to up 4.8, if you are not you will end up with a cpu that can only OC to 4.2 that will get high temps.

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