Intel 4670 vs AMD 8350

Hello Forum, I was wondering which is better for just overal performance in games such as Minecraft, Hawken, Planetside 2, BattleField3, or games coming out in the future; Intel 4670(not k) or AMD 8350. If the intel CPU is better for overal gaming preformance, for only $20 more I will get it, but if AMD's CPU is better I will get it. Also, is it possible to overclock a CPU that doesn't have the "k"? 

I have a 8350 and I play bf3 on ultra and almost every other game I played on my pc on very high settings its very good I also edit videos 5gb - 15gb in 1080p in less then 15min. you can not over clock that CPU the cpus with the K are unlocked and you can over clock them but if they don't have the K then they are locked so you can't over clock them

The processors are almost identical in terms of gaming performance. I would recommend the 8350, as it is useful for editing and other tasks.

Viewing the platform as a whole, Intel have better motherboards, at this time. That is something to consider.

You can overclock a non-K processor, but it is a minimal gain. I would recommend grabbing the K edition, even if you don't intend to overclock. It's only a small price increase, for what could be a nice boost in performance. Overclocking adds a lot to the performance of a CPU.

With the reintroduction of a seperate base clock not tied to your PCI-e with the Z87 boards it makes it easier for people to overclock multiplier locked Intels to a better degree. That was one of the most defining reasons why I did not buy an Intel this time around with my hardware loadout, having to pay extra just to be able to overclock is ludicous. I'm glad Intel made the change even though I will not be using the hardware this particular PC cycle of mine.

Thanks for your help !!!

Thanks for your help!!

Thanks for your help! Btw, what motherboard are you using, and hoe much ram do you have? 

I ended up opting for a FX-8350 on an Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 motherboard this PC hardware cycle. I'm using 16 GB of DDR3 Mushkin Blackline 2400 MHz RAM running close to 2000 MHz with my overclock.

How much was that motherboard and when did you get it?  And what graphics cards? I'm curious so I would have an idea of whar I would wsnt in my new computer. 

Unless you want to have a system even hotter than the AMD, don't go with the i5 K version. You'd have to change the thermal paste beneath the IHS to properly overclock and I wouldn't advise that to anyone unless they know what they're doing. It's safer and cheaper to go with the FX 8350, you can get some insane speeds with that even though it's got lower IPC they're great for gaming, and if gaming is the only use for this system, don't even look at the pricier intel CPUs, they're a waste of money which could go into the VGA

Motherboard was $145 on sale when I bought it two months ago. I bought a Asus Direct CU II HD 7870 for my graphics card, that one cost me $260 dollars on invoice. But I got a few free games out of the graphics card so it more than made up for full asking price.

Would you recommend the motherboard? And why did you go with a 7870 instead of buying the equivalent priced gpu that has phyx? 

This motherboard is rock solid if you have a solid power supply to go with it. I personally don't care about Phys-X and the price per performance is better than a 660 with a decent aftermarket cooler anyway after overclocking. Also the 7870 came with 3 free games that retail at $60 each.

my 4670k on air, with a hyper 212 evo at a stock clock in bios idles @ 47 degrees celsius~. that's with arctic mx-4 thermal grease. i considered delidding the 3770k but since it idles @ 30 degrees celsius~ with a krakken x60 i decided not to.. the 4670k is definitely getting delidded this weekend though. 


4670k is idling at high 30s.. the msi-gd45 cpu bios temps was reading wrong... coretemp reads 37~


Good luck with the dlidding! Which method are you using? The 'cut and pry'? The 'vice'? I would be so nervous to be doing that!

Post some pics!

I wouldn't trust the vise method within an inch of my life. If you've got the dexterity using an exacto knife or a brand new razor blade is the best choice for precision.

Hey, what motherboard are you using? Also, how much ram and what graphic card(s)?

you dont need a fx 8350 or a 4670 to play games well the fx 6350 will do with a good gpu . but if you want to render video or  render stuff in photo shop then go with one of those the 8350 isnt bad neather  is the 4670