Intel 4000 (good for what games)

Do you guys know of any specific games that are good to play for the too months while I wait for christmas money?

Specific games would be nice


I tried gw2 at 1080p with high textures and shadows off. was getting 40 fps neevr tried in wvwvw though =/ but it plays awesome.


Thanks for the reply does anyone know how well it would run battlefield bad company 2?

sadly not too well. however if you disable AA and run it at 720p you would probubly get playable (~30 or so) fps. dont quote me on that though. never used intel gfx before.

Well I can do low to medium settings with Starcraft 2 with the Intel HD 3000 graphics on my laptop at 1366x768. I would assume Intel HD 4000 would be better, but probably not by much.

what pictures?

Here's something that may help you out some, a video from one of our friendly tech advisors, Linus.

Crysis looks actually playable with those frames running at those settings shown.

Keep in mind that the the results were from "Crysis", not "Crysis 2".

I had to edit my post, I wasn't able to upload my 2 pictures I had taken. Not sure if it's because I'm currently on a Mac, or I'm just doing it wrong all together. I just linked a video instead explaining / showing the pictures.

metal gear solid

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 8

Quake games

unreal turnament 2K4


Half Life 1

Rusty Hearts F2P MMO


super brothers sword and sourcery EP

Audio surf

lone survior

Chantelise - A Tale of Two Sisters

Star craft I

Ys Origin

Ys the Oath In Felghana



any emulator including ps2, please only play games you own and support game developers, I will update the list when I get home, installing xp on a clients computer at the moment

Command and Conquer the first generations : C&C, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Firestorm, Red Alert 2, Yuri's revenge

I guess ill just play some pokemon for two months until I can get a descreet haah

I will be posting a blog with a few games running on the HD 4000 graphics soon, so keep your eyes open for it, you might be surprised how playable these games are.