Intel 2013 Roadmap leaked


Intel is planing to launch their 4th gen CPUs in the second quarter of 2013 with a new chipset and socket.

For more power to your system Ivy Bridge-E is planed to be launched in the third quarter of this year.

For more info:

skip the tick and stick with the tock because the tock knew what the tick was gonna do but the tick didn't knew that the tock already knew

And here's what AMD has planned for this year.

the whole Haswell coming before ivy bridridge-E thing seems a bit convaluted to me, i thoght it would be the other way round?

Why so?

well we got sandbridge-e way before we got ivybridge, and going by how they have made em so far it makes sense really. sandy-E being the last gen tock and ivy being the current tick. going by that we should get the ivy-E tock next, not the Haswell tick then the the ivy-e tock.but as i see it should be tock(sandy-E) tick(ivy) tock(ivy-E) tick(Haswell) instead of how it pertayed as tock(sandy-e) tick(ivy) tick(Haswell) tock(ivy-E) so yeah what am i missing here? cause this does'nt seem to follow the tick-tock model?

The two are marketed to totally different consumers, so I guess that's why they don't really care about the order.

sorry man but im not buying in to what this article is saying it seem's flawed, one things for sure research and developement is not dictated by the marketing depratment. and the only reason i could see things going this way is if haswell was aimed at the mobile computing market like laptops and net books and tablets. which is another way of putting the middle finger up at the enthusiat market. which if it's the case i will be boycoting haswell lol